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    I am frustrated.. Trying for 3 and half years now...!

    i am exactaly on the same place as you man and we will do it!!!!!! i say to myself a phew words when i want to relapse who i want to be now and that helps me other thing that gets me going is to connect to real people it can really make you take your mind of this things also therapy its greaaaat...
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    Discovering my potential through rebooting

    wow man you are really doing congrats!!!!! hope to be jsut like you some day
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    Becoming who I really am

    i relapsed today too after just two days and it was horrible i was masturbating for the third time and wasnt even 50 por cente hard
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    Becoming who I really am

    i am in the same place as you man and we will do it i believe in us
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    Alot of development

    without porn
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    Alot of development

    one question do you still jerk off?
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    Finally did it.

    congrats man!!! i hope someday i will have the sucess as you, just one question now that you are rebooted do you jerk off without porn or not?
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    questions about flatline

    hey i have been tryng to reboot and got to flatline i would like to know if in flatline is normal not feel anything in your cock, like until last year if i were in a exciting situation my cock would start to get a nice feeling of arousal and i wold get hard since i flatlined i dont feel this...
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    loss of sensation and strugling to reeboot

    hello guys i have been experiencing loss of sensation on the penis and while in quarantine i started masturbating sometimes 10 times a day then i experieced ed but now i cant feel a normal sensation even masturbating from pornography i had sex and it was ok but not as good as it was i could...
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    hello i have started my reeboting and i have some questions

    So i have been using porn since a i was 12 years olda i am 23 now, and in the quarantine i have become addicted in web cam girls like a lot, and then in january i couldnt  have sex with a girl for the first time in the end i could but it was not as good and not as hard, i have a weak erection...