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    It finally caught up to me

    I'm just over 1 month clean... and it's already making a difference. Hang in there Ohhsoomuch.... it took years to embed your addiction... it will take time to fully escape it also... but I'm hoping that as the months pile on top of each other and I have more distance and clarity away from that...
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    1 Month in Recovery Part 2

    Cheers for your reply and support Simon.
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    1 Month in Recovery Part 3

    1 week after being clean I started to feel things again, 2 weeks I started to feel desire for my wife, but I also was getting porn flashbacks too. I have only acted out to dreams about my wife to date... but I still feel guilty for being the porn addict that I have become and will always be. I...
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    1 Month in Recovery Part 2

    So to cut a long story short, I cheated. I remember it well when I checked into the hotel, it was like I was looking at myself doing all this, it all seemed like a hazy dream... but I just kept going not to disappoint this complete stranger, while all the while knowing I should walk away now...
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    1 Month in Recovery Part 1

    Hello and greetings from Ireland to all. I'm one month in recovery this week... but I have been here before. I want to first off be thankful for Reboot Nation for even existing. Finding your site was the catalyst for this... another attempt to give up my pornography addiction. Let me give you...