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    Can anyone give me some advice on beating Performance Anxiety?

    The most important thing is being with someone you’re comfortable with and understands your situation, this will take massive pressure off you and take some nerves away
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    27 months in the Flatline ...

    I agree with the comments that you need a girl to rewire with. Some people don’t need it but some people do.
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    Side Effects

    I’m always here man, use this time to focus on yourself as well. Workout, eat healthy, get good amount of sleep. Do things you enjoy
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    There is no correct answer when answering how long it will take. Everyone is different and everyone has different time. Keep doing what you’re doing and you’ll keep making great progress.
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    There is 2 parts of recovery. The first is rebooting from porn which you have. And the second is rewiring towards real women. That is the biggest key for me, which is “reteaching” your brain to be attracted to a real girl instead of a screen. Obviously you can’t force yourself into a...
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    Lets kill the fear of "permanent damage" once and at all

    I thought I was also incurable or would be a long shot. After just 20-25 days I was able to maintain a 100% erection from just kissing and no stimulation. I believe if someone, no matter the extent of their porn history, does a real reboot for 90 days they will 100% see improvement, even if it’s...
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    Unending cycle of flatline

    Yeah man you got this . Masturbstion isn’t the problem, porn / any sexual videos are the problem. However, masturbstion can slow it down a bit, everyone is different. Some people do nofap till they are cured, some people do nofap for 30 days then introduce masturbstion again, some people...
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    Side Effects

    Of course man, I struggle a lot with anxiety, especially in a situation like this when you don’t really know at times what’s happening or you even have doubts, the first month was terrible for me with constant anxiety about the Situation, personally what also helped me a lot was telling my...
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    recovering,reboot after 25 years

    Hey man, There is no specific answer, everyone’s brain is different and will recover at different speeds. I noticed major improvements after 25 days , although I still haven’t been able to have sex my erections are much stronger and I don’t really have urges . Overall, there is no correct answer...
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    Emotional storm and urges

    Distracting yourself helps a lot by doing other things you like such as video games even( I’m not saying you should constantly play video games to get over this addiction but doing things you like in general), and sometimes just thinking about what’s going on, think of why you are feeling these...
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    2 months in, should I attempt sexual acts with my significant other?

    Yes I agree with the comment above me, there is no specific deadline or date that you should attempt, if you feel like it then go for it! The whole point is to rewire with a real person. However, if intercourse still isn’t working (that’s ok it takes time) don’t try force an erection but...
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    Side Effects

    Can’t say for sure but it probably is. It’s weird, sometimes I would be like that and sometimes I would be the complete opposite and have 0 anxiety. If you have a bunch of anxiety/overthinking, try doing soemthing that will distract you like working out or going on a run
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    PE after reboot

    Of course man, yes it might be embarrassing to mention but ITS YOUR WIFE. SHE WILL UNDERSTAND and it will only get better from there
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    PE after reboot

    Makes it better 100%, you need to stop being embarrassed and man up and tell her. First she will know what the actual problem is and not question anything between you guys and also it will take loaddssssssssssss of pressure off you, it will be a team effort instead of you doing it alone. It may...
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    Do you ever stop seeing women as lust objects after successful reboot?

    Yes you eventually will, it takes time, it might even get worse before it gets better but after a while you see the true beauty in people
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    Unending cycle of flatline

    You can’t do it man, try your best not to relapse after those 1-2 months , even if you can’t control the urge, it’s better just to masturbate then watch porn as well, so if that time comes again then try your best to avoid porn and just masturbate . Masturbating once a month to help keep the...
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    Questions over unconscious thoughts.

    Hey man , congrats on the 60 days. I think the morning thoughts aren’t too harmful especially when your half asleep and not even realizing what’s happening, but once you do realize you’re having those thoughts I’d recommend thinking of something else or trying your best to get your mind off it...
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    It may slow down the process but it’s ok you’re making progress, try to do it as little as possible and you’ll be fine
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    Can dopamine deficiency from porn be permanent?

    I’m 99.999999% sure you do not have a veanous leak. Trust me most people with PIED think they have it too based off the symptoms, I thought I had it as well. Once you continue your recovery you will see improvement and know that it’s not veanous leak
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    Help on admitting your addition to loved one

    Hey man, good question. When I told my gf it made it much easier and it changed from just me handling the problem to us doing it together, and I highly encourage telling your partner because it takes a lot of pressure off. My advice is go ahead and say eveything. I don’t mean like tell her a...