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    Carl Smith - Living Free

    this is a great post and blog, I just watched your videos and will be reading the flying eagle method later today. Thanks for sharing
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    third time is a charm

    After a huge relapse that spanned a few months I am back on the porn addiction drive. I've been addicted to porn for over 30 years. Boredom and habit tend to be my biggest challenges. I live alone and work from home most of the time. So I have removed all non work devices from my apartment and...
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    I can sense it building up

    Hi I'm in the fortunate position that at the moment I can sense my desire to watch porn, so I'm doing pretty well at beating it. But its a double edged sword. I can also feel the desire growing and growing. I know its not what I want long term, I know I'll be pissed off afterwards, but I keep...
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    First Post - Its all in the mind!

    I'm 43, been using porn for over 30 years. Not suffered with PIED but my habits and addiction has lead me to watching all sorts of porn. I'm married but currently split from my wife and family I haven't used porn for the past 26 days. I am proud but it is getting really tough at the moment...