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    Six months - finally feeling like a new man

    My journey to today began just over six months ago when I confessed to my wife that I was looking at porn. I didn't understand that I was addicted at first or the havoc it had wreaked on my mind and body. Over five to six years, I escalated from PMO occasionally when my wife wasn't home or...
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    I have been stuck in Shame

    I have realized that I am still on a long journey, trying to leave my shame behind and stop avoiding my real addiction. Escaping. I have successfully stopped porn for 5 months with no relapses of PMO or even masturbation. The real issue is my wife has forgiven me and I haven't been able to...
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    Reflections after 32 days without Porn

    Congrats! Great growth on awareness, keep up the good work.
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    My wife’s reaction to me telling her I’m quitting porn wasn’t what I hoped

    I don't know your exact situation, but I want to share some things that helped me and my marriage start working through porn addiction. I suggest you step back and try to understand that your wife may be going through betrayal trauma, her world has been turned upside down, and if you were...
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    Looking for people who had the same problems

    I think the majority of the guys on this site have had similar experiences to you. I know I have, I got to the point where I couldn't get a full erection with my wife. I was so hooked I was even able to quite porn when I realized I got a full erection only when I watched it. I knew something...
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    A New me

    Definitely a great start to think of this as a new YOU! It is a journey, and you can come out of this a better and stronger person all around. There are tons of resources on Reboot, and other members here to support you. Best to you on your journey to a new you!
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    New Beginning.

    You can do this! There are a lot of guys with similar and different struggles that will support you. It is a tough journey, and one that really begins when you are ready not just to quit porn, but also look inside and understand how you ended up viewing porn to begin with. What was it providing...
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    Long-searched cure for ED found here in 185 days

    Thanks for sharing your story, congrats!
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    I'm 30yo and I think I lost many things because of porn

    Keep reading throughout this forum, you will find a lot of support and ideas for how to move forward. Most of all stop porn, period, and give yourself any tools needed, porn blockers, support groups, therapy, new hobbies and interests, self discovery of who you are and what matters to you...
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    Day 47, why does everything still suck so bad

    One thing to make sure none of us forget is that porn was filling a void, it was taking up time we could have all been doing something else. Anything else for that matter that was actually productive. The best thing you can do is pick up in all other aspects of your life, time with friends...
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    18 Principles of Recovery

    Great post!! I do have to say each of us is unique, my biggest road block is still my emotional healing, the porn was easy to drop. I have struggled to keep a healthy relationship with my wife. This is my area of focus now, and the main part of me that led to porn.
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    My Journey so far

    Basic info – 44 yrs old, watched porn for past 2-3 years, frequency was 3-4x a day for last six months – out of control. My Why Coping, Avoiding. I never learned how to face my problems or be open with others, stress in my life during my second marriage, led me to depression, feeling alone...
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    41/m, 100+ days free. Life is in color again. I hit rock bottom and quitting was easy for me.

    Congrats! Glad you were successful!! Thanks for sharing.
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    DE caused by desensitization ?

    Getting over porn and its impact is difficult. I have experience similar anxiety during sex and sometimes as driven as I was for sex, I wouldn't be able to get hard enough for sex or could barely finish. I am just about at 90 days and flatlining and anxiety have been present for the second...