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    serious damage 24 from India virgin no female friends

    Just started exercise in yesterday I am not able to meditate but I think I should try from today I think I need professional for my depression but I don't have anyone near me for that nobody no professional in my country understand this type of addiction
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    serious damage 24 from India virgin no female friends

    I think I feel you understand what you are trying to say I know you are right I think you are right I need to prioritise things I need to do first . And I think addiction comes first cause without it I won't be able to focus on anything else I think I need to treat first and then think about my...
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    serious damage 24 from India virgin no female friends

    Hi everyone I am 24 from India addicted since 2012 when I was like 12 years old I started watching p*** as a timepass but time I didn't know how it became habit and in 2016 I got addicted it was very hard to quit that them but now it is more hard and it is getting more and more hard I don't know...
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    Lost in life due to porn

    Yes to exercise, started yesterday. Socializing a bit . And no meditation. I think withdrawal is the harded,here is where u have always failed but thanks for your support
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    Lost in life due to porn

    Hi man.really thankyou for your support
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    Lost in life due to porn

    It has been around 8 years that I have been facing this problem related to p*** I've got a dictate since I was like 12 years old now I am 23 but still addicted to bond it is not helping anyhow my means my education is not that good go in my concentration is very focus is not I don't know what to...
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    Career advice that is need. Please

    I'm currently pursuing my post graduation. But that pg course is not that involving. I ofcourse like that course. But the college i got is not that engaging. I planned earlier the addmission that i will study for government exam. But this exam need continuous and rigorous study. I have tried...
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    Male 23. Pmoed for 8 years. Trying to quit since 2 years but still failing regularly

    It has been two years that i have been trying to quit. I'm trying my best maybe. But after some time i just feel p is normal and then i got back to it.once i have slipped i just binge p. And masturbates multiple times in a single day. And this occurs for like a week or two. This is increasing my...
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    Attraction that i dont want

    I'm pursuing my post graduation,I'm in 1st year. This is just starting of our session. 2-3 days ago i saw this girl and i got attracted toward her. In my past experience with girls as friends i was badly screwed up. It's was the main reasons i relpased after being 129 days clean . And then went...
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    Physically and mentally destroyed completely

    Thankyou sir for such a great knowledge. It is very helpful. I will definitely contact you when needed. You too feel free to talk. Thankyou sir
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    Physically and mentally destroyed completely

    Tod i went to a homeopathy doctor for the problems i am facing cause of porn. They were joint pains , numbness of various parts of body at different times continuously when I keep them still. Mental fog. Irrational thinking all the time. Sleeplessness. And even sleeping too much. No proper diet...
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    Anxiety and social anxiety

    Today we had our orientation programme. And i had to introduce myself in front of everybody (all men). I was anxious and my intro went very bad with no confidence at all and performance was very poor. It may me cause of inferiority complex that caused this. I never had this complex and i think...
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    Day 7 and reading books

    This new year started with no more pmo. But since some days i feel like i want to see porn and masturbate. I am feeling this strong feeling for porn. I'm feeling this king of romantic feeling for porn. I don't know what it is . But when I ask myself questions. The answer is there is nothing...
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    Day 6 and brain fog

    Since yesterday i have been experiencing brain fog. Previously such type of brain fog and impaired thinking had led me to relpase and edging. But today I'm hopeful and sharing this with you and getting a feeling of connection and hope will surely not relpase. Still my strategy is not properly...
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    Objectifying women and low self esteem

    Yes man thanks. I will try
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    Objectifying women and low self esteem

    Because of porn i have started objectifying women. What I do is if i see any beautiful women on street or on tv on a daily life basis what I can this is just what amount of great orgasm it may provide me. I just look at pictures and masturbate then that's it. Prior to porn in my life i would...
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    4th day and rationalising

    Feel brain fog. Right now my brain is trying to rationalise with me and making me feel sick so that i should just relpase. As new year began I quit. But this fourth day of new year in sick and tired of this fighting and losing like always. Still I'm keeping strong. Since 2 months i m on this...
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    I dont have any urges against any woman or porn

    This is just a phase. People call it the FLATLINE. This will pass away. Don't go back to porn . Life will be different after the FLATLINE. There is different time period of FLATLINE for everyone and for you it may be a month or just weeks. Continue the course and don't give up now. 6 months is a...
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    Looking for an Indian friend who can help here with following issues

    I have brain fog. My joints are weak. All the joints are sounding/cracking very much. Depression and anxiety. Social anxiety. Isolation. No day to day interest i life. Lost will to quit. Lost will to live. My physical health is deteriorated very badly. Exercising since 3 years with no changes...