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    Restarting my Reboot

    No long story, found your site, did a reboot, it was great initially, made it to 20 days, went through all the things people talk about, boost in confidence, libido, flat line, premature ejaculation, ect. Went back to porn and eventually PMO to see if the ED and premature ejaculation were there...
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    Last week was tremendously stressful, I had three high profile presentations, and had to prepare. At the beginning of the week, I watched porn for the first time in a month and eventually PMO'd. The act while it happened felt great actually, I was very sensative and had a strong orgasm. I did...
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    Flatline - And question

    So yesterday I came back to earth. Before I had posted about the success I was feeling, I was waking up in the morning with strong erections and when I was around women, I could feel "it" working down there. Not yesterday though. I went on a date with this cute, fun girl (someone I had been...
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    Hi all, it's been 30 or so days since I PMO'd, and I can tell you I'm seeing some amazing results. I got lucky and found Reboot Nation because I was at my wit's end. A few days earlier, I was with this really, really hot girl, and I absolutely could not keep it up. My erection just died on me...
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    Hey, going through a few issues, thought I'd post, this helps sometimes. I started a reboot a couple weeks ago, but I've had a few issues. I've completely cut out P, and I don't MO anymore. That is good, P is very destructive, and PMO'ing is not healthy. At first, I noticed  good signs, anxiety...
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    Seven Days In, Wonder if I Made a Mistake?

    Hey all, I'm 7 days in with no PM or PM induced O, and I've been noticing a few nice changes. I've been addicted to internet porn for years, sometimes masturbating 5 times a day just to orgasm. It was horrible, and I started to look at more and more extreme forms of porn to get up. For years...