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    Is there permanent damage? Rebooting at 29.

    And no, your penis isn't shorter that's just silly,why would you think it is shorter now after you relapsed,it doesn't make any sense.I can only imagine how anxious and silly your thoughts are when you are about to have penetrative sex with your partner - it's impossible to have sex if you let...
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    Is there permanent damage? Rebooting at 29.

    Firstly some bad news for you-there is permanent damage for sure.How else do you explain many guys struggling with the PIED for many years ? However if you think logically about that,one year is definitely enough for your brain to rewire and get used to new things and so on,yet so many guys even...
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    How serious is my case? Hoping to get some advice as I'm freaking out right about now

    You should focus on both.While being clean from porn try sex with your partner.If your anxiety kills your erection don't worry,you don't need penis to give a woman the best sex she has ever had.So instead of focusing on yourself and your problems,focus on her pleasure and it will be fulfilling...
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    How serious is my case? Hoping to get some advice as I'm freaking out right about now

    Dude you have combination of Performance anxiety and mild PIED.You need to understand that sex isn't a thing you force, it's actually very enjoyable thing.How do you expect to enjoy it,if you constantly freak out about your erection whether it will stay up or not?Such things kill your...
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    1 year of Hard-Mode. Rewiring failure?

    Hey bro, I think that your problem is that you were too much into your head instead of being into the moment.How could you get aroused if your mind is telling you let's make out with this girl to check my erection and then because you feel no erection you start worrying.You can go 10 years...
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    Thought I was recovered,but then DE stroke

    So approximately you are having sex 15 to 20 times a week ? It might be the reason for your DE.Did you experience it at all in the beginning of having sex or only now after 8 months ?
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    I need help

    Rewiring is everything sexual and even nonsexual things you do with your wife.For example kissing,cuddling,massage,showers and of course sexual acts.Also you should find what is the most appealing thing you like to do when being around your wife.This process takes time so don't overthink...
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    4 months porn free. It gets hard but still goes down

    So as I see, there are only a couple of positions that you are confident your penis will stay hard.Have you ever considered the possibility that losing erection when changing position is due to hard anxiety that you subconsciously create ? What I mean is,do you have anxious thoughts like "I must...
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    help me for ED.. Suggest experience 🙏

    First of all I just want to say that you shouldn't go on streaks of not watching porn, that's wrong approach.You should never watch porn again! It must be completely eliminated from your life if you want to recover.Secondly,to answer your questions 1.Penis massage can't help nor hinder your...
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    Prostatitis & Dry, Painful Orgasms from Excessive Edging

    Hey man, One thing is sure-Keep away from porn forever,we know it can mess up your erections but who knows maybe it can even cause infertility but there is no scientific evidence that I know of.I'd suggest you look over your life habits(alcohol,drugs,smoking, excessive unhealthy and industrial...
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    How to rewire to real sexual encounters?

    Well,the position and angle of head makes big difference.You will figure out what works for you just be patient and enjoy the moment.
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    How to rewire to real sexual encounters?

    First of all continue with reboot,you are obviously doing a great job.About that bj you mentioned,maybe you could give some instructions to your partner and assist her during bj so that she can get what exactly makes you feel good.In my experience,bj also wasn't as good as I expected,most of the...
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    Asking about what is on the other side

    Well,I don't know about your case but for me PMO never felt that good,it was just a release with short lasting orgasm max 3-4 seconds. With partner is much different story.As the time passes you become closer to each other explore things that both of you like and orgasms become much better and...
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    I need help because i am not sure if i will ever heal from PIED.

    Hey man, If you ask me,I would recommend you find some hobby or do something productive and useful in your spare time.One of the worst mistakes porn addicts make is not doing anything about their life style and keep playing video games,laying in bed,watching yt videos and many other lazy stuff...
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    Personal journey, daily updates and advice

    Hey man, First of all congratulations on your streak! Keep up with good job.Secondly,I just want to ask you something: Why would you MO if you still struggle with sex sometimes ? Also if you can easily MO just to touch alone don't you think that anxiety might be the big reason of losing erection...
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    Well then,do you have some negative thoughts like "what if I fail again?" or "what if I can't get it up?" or "Why it won't get up?" or "why is it only 60% I can't penetrate?" or any similar thought that nobody with healthy sex life ever thinks when it's about to get hot? If your answer is yes...
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    Hey guys,I don't think that he meant she's given in in that rapey way hahahah,he probably wanted to say like when he put it inside her or something similar... Starting the reboot is the best choice you can make,but also this seems like the case of performance anxiety.Have you had similar failed...
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    Persistent tingling but completely soft during reboot

    Hello, Just to be clear,I didn't mean to talk about prostitution here nor am I judging your ways at all.I just mentioned that there is no distinct definition on mild or severe pied that I know of and because of that nobody can be 100% sure if they have mild or severe pied.However the thing I...
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    Persistent tingling but completely soft during reboot

    I don't really know the definition of severe pied and the difference between mild and severe pied.I needed between 10 and 11 months to have sex,so I wouldn't call that mild case. The other things you said like starting slow with orgasms is on point and I completely agree,but telling people to...
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    Long one but need help

    I see what you are trying to say,but in most of the cases here-guys spend their whole porn addicted life in bed doing nothing and kill their boredom by fapping.I mean laziness is trigger for many guys here.I know for a fact that if you don't ever do anything and keep laying in bed or by computer...