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    1 year of Hard-Mode. Rewiring failure?

    Thank you. I think wiring myself to that experience becomes essential since I've spent the formative teens of my life hooked to high speed internet porn with little real-person experience. I'll surely be telling her soon!
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    1 year of Hard-Mode. Rewiring failure?

    That's great advice. I plan on telling her soon if we become more serious. I think honesty and vulnerability will help in this journey
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    1 year of Hard-Mode. Rewiring failure?

    Thank you. I will surely be trying my best to just relax and be in the moment with her.
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    1 year of Hard-Mode. Rewiring failure?

    Thanks you. That's what I've been wondering too. This was my first time even touching a girl after one year of complete abstinence. in this one year I have noticed signs- biggest ones being morning wood and random erections. But as soon as I was making out it felt like there was some kind of...
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    1 year of Hard-Mode. Rewiring failure?

    Thank you! I see no option but to continue wondering if I'll ever be healed
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    1 year of Hard-Mode. Rewiring failure?

    Hey everyone! I have completed one year of hardmode reboot with no rewiring. Yesterday I was making out with a girl I liked and I didn't feel any erection at all. I don't think I was in a flatline. My morning wood over this one year has improved. But I am a virgin. I am very confused as I...
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    Losing erection 1 - 2 mins post arousal.

    It's normal. Happened with me too! Probably PIED
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    Starting a new journey to recovery

    I love that Marcus Aurelius quote. Thank you!
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    I need to up my game.

    I am with you, man. Just feel the anxiety. Just feel it into the very ground of your being. Don't escape. The goal is to relieve ourselves of all self-medication and to stare into the face of reality, smilingly and unflinchingly. I believe in you.
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    So this is my start of rebooting.

    I believe in you. Next time you get the urge to watch porn, remember "If getting upset about something unpleasant is like being bitten by a snake, desiring to grasp for what seems pleasant is like grabbing the snake's tail- sooner or later, it will bite you".
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    The struggle towards freedom

    Hey, man, we're here for you. Congratulations on Day 8. I wish you all the self-compassion that you can afford on this journey. Self-compassion isn't self-pity but it is simply warmth and concern and good wishes for yourself just like compassion for another person. Don't be too hard on yourself...
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    Journey To Nirvaana !!!

    Hey, Ajinkya! That's great. I got my first MW on the 11th day of the reboot- it was extremely mild at first but later it improved. Good luck!
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    #2 Okay, something a bit strange is happening. During the first 120 days of my hard mode reboot, I had a total of 3 wet dreams. After those 120 days, in the last 12 days, I have had 3 wet dreams. The pace of these wet dreams seems to have been accelerated all of a sudden and it feels weird. Wet...
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    Thank you Ziga! Good luck to you too!
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    Craving every (real) woman I see

    Yes, I understand that. One trick that I personally find helpful for me is to try and look into the eyes of random women than to let my eyes wander over their body with the usual sexual thoughts. I haven't been too good at doing this but still, I try to maintain it as much as possible. It does...
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    Numbing Your Emotions

    Yes, it happens. It happened to me too. The sole reason to watch porn became so that I could escape my emotions of stress. After quitting it feels like a reservoir of emotions had burst out in my heart. Still feel numb during flatlines but that's part and parcel of the game.
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    LevelHead Thread

    March onwards, we are together!
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    Orbiters Journal of Recovery

    I really like the seeing someone 1x per week suggestion. Seems helpful. Will surely try to incorporate that in my schedule somewhere down the line.