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    Flat Line. What's typical???

    Hello fellow rebooters. I'm only about 13 days into my reboot journey but overall I'm feeling great about the progress and I'm excited to start this healthier phase in my life. I have questions about flat line though. Can someone who's been through it give me a general time line for the flat...
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    Hard mode

    Hard mode sucks! Almost 11 days since I started this journey and so far so good. I know that hard mode is not easy (hence the name.) But I am convinced that this is the key for me. I must live as though porn is not an option and I  must start being the man I strive to be or it will never happen...
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    It all starts here

    If you're reading the 30-39 journals, hopefully you get the Goonies reference in the subject line. I'm not sure where to start. I'm brand new to this site and not very tech savvy so I hope I'll get it all figured out as this site and its videos has given me a new hope. The last nine months have...
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    Tracking Your Progress

    Hello I'm new to this site, I just registered. I'm not tech savvy. How do I post a new thread? Also how do I go about getting a counter? Thanks