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  1. Willem_Saltzpyre

    Life’s Funny

    It’s been a bit rough lately ngl. Tinnitus has been keeping my mood low.
  2. Willem_Saltzpyre

    Hope things are well today!

    Hope things are well today!
  3. Willem_Saltzpyre

    Life’s Funny

    This has helped tremendously. The early 20s has definitely been hitting, but you’re right, our whole lives are ahead of it. Being alone most of the time makes me forget I’m not alone in this struggle. Here’s to a new day.
  4. Willem_Saltzpyre

    Life’s Funny

    I appreciate this more than you know. I’m alone unless I’m at work, and I work nights so it’s rough. I love Linkin Park, really wish I could have seen them before Chester passed. Turning to hobbies has been amazing and probably the best thing. I’ve taken up reading fantasy books, and drawing...
  5. Willem_Saltzpyre

    To The Better Things in Life

    What having did you pick up? I agree on stopping the thought. If I even entertain the thought it grows drastically.
  6. Willem_Saltzpyre

    Life’s Funny

    Never really shared my story, and I may just need to get this out as no one has ever heard it… life’s really hitting now. I grew up in a religious home - southern baptist - which never really bothered me. I was a great kid, always told I was mature for my age since I could remember hearing. My...
  7. Willem_Saltzpyre

    Down, but not out.

    Well, was feeling really good about not watching, then of course watched after 2 days of going good. I guess that’s better then not going 2 days without it. I strive to see what I feel like after a month, though maybe I should focus on hitting a smaller goal first. I know its not gonna be a...
  8. Willem_Saltzpyre

    I Would Rather (fill in the blank) Than Look at Porn Again.

    I would rather go my whole life without real sex than watch porn again.
  9. Willem_Saltzpyre

    I want to live.

    I’m right here with you. Started turning this franchise around 2 days ago. I believe you, and you have a strong reason to push ahead! I can understand not feeling loved, but know that even though we will probably never meet, I’m rooting for you and love you brother. We are taking our damn lives...
  10. Willem_Saltzpyre

    To The Better Things in Life

    I would love to join your community or be an be accountability partners. Also been watching porn since 11/12 years of age. The cravings are unreal, but I’ve gone 2 days now fighting them off which is something I’ve not been able to do for a long time. For most of my life I only watched porn 1 or...