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  1. chiefmitch88

    7 months, No PMO

    Update: I am currently 228 days clean from acting out with porn. Just wanted to pass along my success. It's been over 5 years since I admitted porn was a problem in my life. I'm now over 7 months clean from it. To all of you fighting, it can be done. The best piece of advice I received came...
  2. chiefmitch88

    How do I change the title of my journal?

    I'm interested in changing the title of my journal but I don't know how to do it. Can someone walk me through this please? Is it even possible?
  3. chiefmitch88

    Resurrecting Sex - Dr. David Schnarch

    Moral of the story to partners of rebooters/PMO addicts: STICK TO YOUR GUNS when you know there is a problem. Also, when you approach the problem, approach your partner from the best in yourself. Trying to awaken them in the same old dysfunctional ways only causes your partner to react...
  4. chiefmitch88

    Slovenly Love Making

    Just wanted to get a woman's perspective on this subject. Is it wrong of me to expect my wife to make an effort as far as being sexy is concerned? I feel as a man that I have a standard to refrain from being a slob, hygiene and dress are ways that we show others we respect their senses. I try...
  5. chiefmitch88

    Craving Normality

    It's time to fess up and leave it all on the table. I'm Mitch, I'm 30. I was introduced to porn around the age of 8 by a neighborhood cohort. I was enthralled the moment I saw that penthouse even though I likely had no clue what was occurring on those pages. Around the age of 12 I would often...