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  1. StartingOffNew

    Who here has seen a physician about their ed?

    To be honest, the prospect scares me a little.  What sorts of questions did your doctor ask?  Did they run any tests?  Was it awkward?  I'm just wondering what I should expect if I talk to my physician about this.
  2. StartingOffNew

    Which is better, in terms of healthier, when relapsing?

    Supposing you relapse and masturbate for a bit, and get close to orgasm.  But then you suddenly realize you should stop.  Which is better to do: Stop masturbating immediately, or continue to orgasm first, to "start from scratch" so to speak?  I'm sure the theory isn't that specific on this...
  3. StartingOffNew

    Tracking Your Progress

    Same problem as the last few posts.  Those trackers look awesome, but when I try to make one, it just gives me a blank screen. 
  4. StartingOffNew

    Here is the start of something new

    So, I guess I'll give this a try.  I am 29 years old.  I realized I was having a problem with erectile dysfunction with my last girlfriend.  She was kind and supportive about it, but I could tell she felt bad, meaning she thought it was her fault, even though I assured her it wasn't.  We ended...