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  1. 57yrold

    22 weeks (154 days) and a BIG flatline

    Man, this stuff is NOT linear. 22 weeks today of NO PMO.  Been up and down overall, but this past few weeks has been a huge flatline.  I'm really down.  Very low energy, very low libido, pretty damn depressed. I guess that's just the way it goes. Still have ED, but I'm patient and I'll...
  2. 57yrold

    Sent messages?

    How do I view messages that I've sent? When I look at 'My Messages', I just see my inbox.  (I did check the box to save a copy of the sent message) Thanks
  3. 57yrold

    20 weeks today, NO PMO

    Proud of my accomplishment and I feel a lot better.  Less anxious, much more at ease in crowds/public. Unfortunately, no progress on the PIED.  In fact, no erections since I went into flatline shortly after starting no PMO. I've seen posts on here of guys taking much longer than 20 weeks to...
  4. 57yrold

    Should I be seeing something?

    Almost at 10 weeks, which is still early, but... Positives:  Anxiety is much better.  More relaxed and less irritable with people in general. My wife and I are physically and emotionally closer than in a long time. I have no desire to look at porn ever again. I'm much more relaxed about the...
  5. 57yrold


    Two months today no PMO. I still have to say my ED is not cured, but in general I feel much more relaxed.  I was really suffering with social anxiety.  Some days I couldn't leave the house. I'm out and about much more lately, and less irritable when I'm out in public. I'm also super attracted...
  6. 57yrold

    Is there a tracker, or counter?

    Is there some kind of tracker or counter that I can set up here? I'd like to display the number of days that I haven't PMO'd. Thanks in advance for your help!
  7. 57yrold

    One day at a time!

    That's all you need to do.  No PMO for one, single day. One day at a time! (I've done that 59 times now.  So far, so good.) Now if I can just make it through TODAY! ;-)
  8. 57yrold

    SSRI Causing ED?

    I've struggled with depression for a long time and my GP has tried various meds.  Some of there were SSRI's. I do remember taking something at one point, and about two weeks after I started I had an incredibly difficult time achieving orgasm.  I stopped taking it immediately, but I think I may...
  9. 57yrold

    Question about fantasizing

    I think I read that fantasizing about porn is bad.  I believe it reinforces the same pathways that porn itself does. However, what if I'm with my wife and I'm fantasizing about what I want to do to her?
  10. 57yrold

    45 days. Half way to 90!

    I may very well take longer than 90 days, but just seeing the counter at 45 seems to be a milestone.  I'm proud of myself, and I know I'll succeed.
  11. 57yrold

    Old guys: (like me) How do you know if your ED is porn related?

    Couldn't it just be that we're old?
  12. 57yrold

    I know it's early, but I'm discouraged

    I'm 40 days no PMO. While I'm proud of myself for this achievement, I'm not seeing any benefits at all.  Not really even seeing any changes. I realize that it's still early.  I know Gabe took six months, so 40 days is nothing, but I'd like to at least see something. No wet dreams, no morning...
  13. 57yrold

    Raging depression

    30 days no PMO.  Been in pretty much a solid shitty flatline. My mood has kind of gone up and down, but generally down.  Anxiety gets really bad sometimes. Penis is dead.  There is no life in my penis what so ever.  I'm quite positive I'll never get an erection again in my lifetime. We're...
  14. 57yrold

    Quote: "Dude, you're 57. Could it just be ED?"

    I posted something on another forum and someone replied with that. "Dude, you're 57.  Could it just be ED?" I assume he was some young punk.  57 is a fossil to him. Anyway, with all my anxiety and insecurity right now, I (of course) started freaking out about it. What if I'm going through...
  15. 57yrold

    No relapse

    I'm 100% confident that I'm not going to look at porn again. How cool is that? If you've got a good streak going, DON'T SCREW IT UP!  KEEP GOING!
  16. 57yrold

    Question about fooling around, but no PMO

    Background:  ED and DE, so I stopped porn about 8 weeks ago. The first 3-4 weeks my wife and I didn't do anything, but then around week 4 we had three nights where we fooled around, but no intercourse.  She tried to make me O, but I couldn't so I had to finish myself. I didn't like that, and...
  17. 57yrold

    Possible to re-wire before reboot??

    Three weeks since my last O.  Been through a flatline, and in some ways I'm still there.  Anxiety and depression mostly.  Not sleeping well either. However, I do feel that my libido is better.  I've been super excited by my wife.  We cuddle and touch every morning when we wake up, several times...
  18. 57yrold

    7 weeks No P - I got nothing...

    Seven weeks since I last looked at porn, but only a little over two weeks since my last O.  That was with my wife, but since then I've decided I should have gone hard mode.  Now I'm No P, No M, No O. I know I'm going to take more time, and that's OK, but man I feel like crap lately. ...
  19. 57yrold

    Confidence: Does it matter?

    I haven't looked at porn since September 15th. I've had three nights fooling around with my wife where I did MO (with her), but I've decided I should have started with hardmode, so No P, No M, and No O for at least 90 days, or longer, if my ED/DE is still a problem.  I'm sure I can do this...
  20. 57yrold

    I'm not sure I was addicted

    I used to watch porn a few times a week, and did escalate to some nasty stuff, but when I stopped looking at it, I just stopped. That was six weeks ago, and I've had no desire to look at it again.  Nothing close to a relapse. Seems like it was pretty easy for me to quit porn, so I'm wondering...