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  1. KeepUpTheGoodWork

    300 Days Sober!

    Hey everyone, It's been a long while since I've posted on here. I've had a really tough 2017, starting off with my father's passing last January. I've spent the last year exploring my sex addiction (and other compulsive behaviors) and I ended up seeking help with therapy and a 12-step program...
  2. KeepUpTheGoodWork

    Some hope after relapse

    Yesterday was supposed to be day 57, but instead, while drunk in the wee hours of the morning, I decided that I could get away with some edging to images online. That escalated to finding clips (that my porn blocker couldn't detect). I think you all know the rest. I was/am really disappointed...
  3. KeepUpTheGoodWork

    This made me laugh

    I try not to make a habit of poking fun at religion but this couldn't have been worded any funnier...  And with that... good night folks!
  4. KeepUpTheGoodWork

    Today is day 30!

    In a few hours, I will hit day 30 of no PMO! In the last two years, my longest streak was 21 days, so I am extremely proud of myself. It hasn't been easy and I've found myself edging a lot in the last week (to feeling, fantasy and a once to a twitter account). I was able to stop myself every...
  5. KeepUpTheGoodWork

    Pamela Anderson's Anti-Porn WSJ Op-Ed

    Anyone check this out yet? I actually can't read it, but apparently it's creating a lot of pro-porn backlash from people denying the science and results behind rebooting. Kudos to Pam for bringing this subject some attention...
  6. KeepUpTheGoodWork

    My friend showed me a P Sub last night

    And I felt nothing.    8) We were at the bar and he wanted to show me some bikini model on Facebook that he saw in real life. I braced myself for the potential trigger and even planned to kinda slap the phone away and make fun of his tastes in an effort to smoothly look away from it, but I...
  7. KeepUpTheGoodWork

    Extremely Unfocused This Morning - Need Advice

    Hi guys, I'm going through some stuff this morning and could use some insight. I was just journalling about this and I figured I would ask you all directly. So yesterday I had nothing to do for once and I decided that I could give in to a prolonged video game session. For me, prolonged is 4-5...
  8. KeepUpTheGoodWork

    Purity Is Possible

    Hey folks, I thought I would share this website that I've read a few times called It's run by cognitive-behavioral psychiatrist Kevin Majeres, MD, who is currently on staff at Harvard Medical School teaching cognitive-behavioral therapy. If you've read through the...
  9. KeepUpTheGoodWork

    Tracking Your Progress

    Sorry to necro this thread - is there a way to get local time calculated on the counter? I'm a week in, but I just realized that technically my counter is calculating my success early because I'm at GMT-7. For example, yesterday it was already giving me credit for August 23 although it was...
  10. KeepUpTheGoodWork

    Age 30, 200 days no porn, rebooting with partner, ups and downs

    Well I just decided to try to be more accountable for my actions. I've actually been trying for over two years to quit using porn. I've read articles, taken up mindfulness, etc, etc. but I never took the step to be more accountable. This time, I'm on here, I'm sharing my experiences, trying to...
  11. KeepUpTheGoodWork

    Age 30, 200 days no porn, rebooting with partner, ups and downs

    Yeah 206 days! That's crazy. I'll get there... in 200 more days haha.
  12. KeepUpTheGoodWork

    Age 30, 200 days no porn, rebooting with partner, ups and downs

    Hey man,I just caught up on your whole thread and it sounds like you're doing great. I didn't notice if you mentioned frequency of your sex, but also keep in mind that you could just be getting tired (which feeds anxiety, etc) from getting action all the time. One thing that porn does for many...
  13. KeepUpTheGoodWork

    How To Dismantle An Atomic Bomb

    Hey everyone. I wrote a really long rough draft of this, and hopefully I can get it down to a readable length. I'm 34, originally from New Jersey, now living in California. I was laid off from my job of 12 years in January. I am currently studying for my PMP (Project Management Professional)...