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  1. The Dude Wannabe

    Well, What do I do now?

    I was going good for a while.  The spring wasn't too bad.  Tried hard.  Was doing ok.  Had a couple minor slip ups....not a big deal I can handle that..... Yea, well, seems I didn't. Fell off the wagon for a few months.  I was alone a lot this summer.  Wife was gone on an internship.  Kids were...
  2. The Dude Wannabe

    Trying to change course

    Currently I'm 26 days in.  There have been easy days and not such easy days.  I haven't experienced any "coming out of a fog" or clarity of thought.  I do feel better about myself though.  I appreciate not having to look over my shoulder, always being afraid of being caught.  I appreciate that...