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  1. midlife-survivor

    My Story

    How are you getting on buddy? I'm conscious no one has replied to this one in quite a while. Keep strong brother!
  2. midlife-survivor

    My current state of mind + crossdressing/sissy

    Hello, I've posted on here many a times in the past and I'm still struggling (as most of us are). I've had an on/off relationship with porn since I was 15, some days its ok and somedays it just keeps eating away at me. I've recently been having counselling for school childhood trauma (that...
  3. midlife-survivor

    Who's using Accountability software in the UK?

    Hello, I was wondering if there are users from the UK here that use accountability software to help them through their recovery and if so, which app are you using? I've tried various apps and not settled on an exact one due to various issues. So far I have trialled the following: Ever...
  4. midlife-survivor

    Unhelpful friends in social media

    Hello, I have a friend on social media, Facebook/instagram whom I knew at school. Whilst I’m on my porn recovery journey, he often posts things that shows up in the feed, stories or sometimes unhelpful key messages me stuff that isn’t appropriate - he is a couple years older than me but has the...
  5. midlife-survivor

    Binge eating during withdrawal?

    Hi, I've recently dropped the porn, about 2 weeks now and I've noticed an increased hunger for food, but crappy food, it feels like Im just binging on whatever is available to eat in the house in-between meals. This feels quite negative and is making me feel crap, in some ways more so that the...
  6. midlife-survivor

    34 going on 40 - its time to save my life!!

    Hi, Im new here and I'm starting my reboot today. Why am I here? I am nearly 34 years old, married and currently no kids but trying. I need to save my life and live it how it was supposed to be lived!! Too long have I rotted my time with a PVO fuelled life, minutes, hours, days, years - it all...
  7. midlife-survivor

    My past has come back to haunt me!! HELP

    Hello, Am starting this posting in need of some advice and support. Several years ago when my porn addiction was at its peak I was so deep in the gutter that I was also suffering with mental illness all of which I now know was most likely linked. During this time I was in the first couple...
  8. midlife-survivor

    Is MO considered a relapse? - feeling crap

    Hi, I MO'd two nights ago - is this considered a relapse when no porn involved? I was 40 days into Reboot. I found the following day I had the most severe headaches I've ever had, truly excruciatingly painful beyond belief. Help!
  9. midlife-survivor

    Brain Food - Neurozan ??

    Hi, Im thinking about getting some Neurozan tablets to help the health of my brain, has anyone else used anything like this? Thanks
  10. midlife-survivor

    Been to Doctors..

    Been to the Doctors today as have been having what I would call 'Ice Pick' headaches over the last 2-3 weeks, roughly 2-3 times a day, often waking me up in the night with sudden surge of intense head pain. I also get this at work and prior to the pain starting, I feel dizzy and slightly...
  11. midlife-survivor

    Just found 650GB porn on HD - DEL..

    Just found 650GB porn on a backup drive, from the way its been organised and sorted it must've been good content and a lot of time downloading. The pain of pressing delete and emptying the trash!!..
  12. midlife-survivor

    The 'Side Effects' thread..

    I have been PMO free for 4 days & 21 hours now but I must say that boy have I got headaches! They are like intense pressure headaches - the pressure is like my brain is expanding against my skull!! Im hoping this will subside as it well and truly sucks at the moment! As well as this the below...
  13. midlife-survivor

    Rebooting and Family Planning?

    Hi, I have just started my reboot process, however my wife and I are planning a family and we are supposed to be making love every other day at the moment. I've ready that continuing to engage in sex does not help the reboot process and if I were to withdraw from sex, how long would I need to...
  14. midlife-survivor

    The Shape of Things to Come

    Hi, Im new here and I'm starting my reboot today. Why am I here? I am nearly 32 years old, married and currently no kids but trying. I am here to start afresh. Too long have I rotted my time with a PVO fuelled life, minutes, hours, days, years - it all adds up and what I accomplished? Not a...