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    Failure to wet dream

    I woke up at around 1am with a lot of pressure in my groin, sweating and breathing hard. Felt like I was nearing orgasm, but nothing happened. Then I was trying to fall back asleep and my quick dreams were very sexual. At one point I woke up rubbing myself on the mattress. I thought once I went...
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    I made it 12-14 days without ejaculation having successfully rebooted over 200 days ago. I just still go long periods sometimes because I rarely M and I'm single. Five minutes into a date tonight I noticed pain in my testicle and assumed it was due to arousal and build up. Ended night with a...
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    successful reboot and migraines

    So I did my 90 and have now managed to stick with nofap for around 180 days. Noticed an increase in migraine headaches and thinking it's because I'm not dealing with my stress with M like I used to. Curious if anyone else has had similar issues. I went more than two years without headaches and...