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  1. sky

    good luck men kuddos

    good luck men kuddos
  2. sky

    Another Day 90 Here

    Let's celebrate this
  3. sky

    Let's share our strake and strategy how we overcome this evil ?

    My strake is 14days and continue....... My strategy is when I have an urge I hold my breath and and vise versa and I would take my mind off my bed.
  4. sky

    I need accountability partner ? Any one here ?

    I need accountability partner for my urge so i can to them
  5. sky

    I need accountability partner ? Any one here ?

    Help me
  6. sky

    Work hard Dream big

    My 10 Days streak and continue
  7. sky

    Please read if you are struggling.

    Wow 100days without P and M you are the real inspiration love from India
  8. sky

    My one week goal

    Yes share your daily routine with me ☺️
  9. sky

    Do we have evidence from medical science that abstaining from solo sex (masturbation) for a lifetime is completely safe?

    Thai is not bad idea you can live without solo sex this is give you a powerful mind body soul and sex life Thank you 😊
  10. sky

    Dream first

    My one week gol and continue........
  11. sky

    My one week goal

    8days strek and countinue
  12. sky

    Will share my story after i beat it

    Yes you can 😃
  13. sky

    porn addiction

    im strating queiting porn today.anyone here to join me