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  1. a-a-ron

    Should I get a diagnosis?

    Thank you brother. I just want all the help I can get and the right tools in order to get this addiction under better control and so I can make meaningful changes.
  2. a-a-ron

    Recovering from PIED

    Welcome, this is an issue I have as well. If I had known the dangers I would have stopped when I was a teenager. Good luck on your journey!
  3. a-a-ron

    I'm through with it.

    I've been on a relapse binge and my latest one was at 4:30 this morning. I've been adjusting my body to working midnights, so I have more free time. I feel like shit and at this point I feel like it's a routine and a ritual to watch porn and masturbate. I just want to stop but my actions make it...
  4. a-a-ron

    Should I get a diagnosis?

    Lately, it's been looking like I may be on the autism spectrum. I definitely check off quite a few behaviors. Would it be worthwhile to get a formal diagnosis and would it help with my breaking this addiction? I do know I use porn to help regulate my emotions and relax. It also has a routine and...
  5. a-a-ron

    My Journey To Freedom!

    You've got this man!
  6. a-a-ron

    What's the longest flatline you've experienced?

    I'm in a flatline and was wondering the longest flatline you've been in?
  7. a-a-ron


    How many of you are also in therapy while doing PMO? I plan on therapy to try and help tackling root causes and to work on coping skills.
  8. a-a-ron

    I'm through with it.

    @searching4good I appreciate it. I think it will help me untangle my thoughts. I tend to bottle things up and keep them hidden. I'm ready to fight the good fight.
  9. a-a-ron

    Am I in a flatline?

    I'm in a flatline right now. Every now and again I get a faint stirring but I'm just not interested in anything. It will eventually pass and hopefully I'll be in a much better place mentally when I'm out of the flatline.
  10. a-a-ron

    Rebooting symptom i struggle with

    It's something I've struggled with too. It's on of the reasons I'm going back into therapy so I can tackle the root causes and work on doing things that make me happy and feel fulfilled so I can feel like me again.
  11. a-a-ron

    I'm through with it.

    The past few days have had me tense but I'm doing okay. I start working night shift tonight so even though I got plenty of sleep starting to adjust my body for it, I still feel tired. I'm nervous and anxious, hoping things go well tonight.
  12. a-a-ron

    25 Male: Cured from PIED with gf in 50 days

    The goal is to get to that point again! Great job bro!
  13. a-a-ron

    I'm through with it.

    I've been struggling with my porn addiction since I was 8. It's been a constant struggle of wanting to stop but not knowing how or not fully rebooting. This addiction is so costly and not worth it. I'm 8 days sober and each day feels like a struggle. This time I'm just trying to take it one day...