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  1. BigM

    1 year Flatline, to all the long Flatliners

    Frankly speaking I also think this is true.
  2. BigM

    It actually takes practice…

    Thanks man. I first had my encounter with PIED in 2021. I have had relapses through my rebooting journey. It has been 2 years since the first day I noticed I had dead wood. I have successfully cut the amount of porn I was consuming by 80%. Sometimes I get erections which are weak, I also noticed...
  3. BigM

    Finally sick and tired of being sick and tired

    @FreedomFromTheStruggle_11 we got this.
  4. BigM

    Weird Flatline.

    I have been rebooting since 2021, I haven't really been keen on consistency. I guess you all know how challenging the process is and the moments of despair where relapses are inevitable. So fast forward the last year I noticed my libido had improved. I had no anxiety and would perform sexually...
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    Hello, it's been quite long since I last wrote something. I got so engaged in the ups and downs of Porn struggles. Personally I've had multiple relapses but still we won't give up. Nonetheless my worry is on the refractory period. I can now have sex but after ejaculating I can't get to get my...
  6. BigM

    Libido loss

    Everything takes time, you will get back to the normal you. Six months ago I couldn't manage qn erection, today I have random erections, I've had sex numerous times. It's still a process and a journey. Patience is key and integral throughout this process.
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    Up and down ED

    Avoid relapsing it with help so much.
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    Refractory period struugles.

    So far my reboot is doing good, however has any one experienced a change in the refractory duration after sex? Before pied I would get hard after 30 mins or 20, but right now it's nearly impossible to get an erection after two hrs. Will it ever get back to where i was or should I just throw it...
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    I've been rebooting for the past 6 months.
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    So, I recently had sex. That was two days ago, I had few observations: the refractory time is long ( I could only get hard after three hrs, this is bizzare b'cos before all this I had shorter durations), after sex I completely lost the urge to have aex for almost two days, today I went out...
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    Is it ever going to get back to what i used to be? I came a long way, started my reboot latest yr(September). Initially I had trouble getting it up at all. I'm glad I can get random elections once in a while when I'm alone. I'm however frustrated by the fact that I hang out with women but...
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    I left

    Quite educational, thank you for this!
  13. BigM

    DE caused by desensitization ?

    Masturbation is harmful to your brain, stay away from it and start experiencing change.
  14. BigM

    Addiction as a way of life

    Quit watching porn... give it another six months... don't jerk off and you'll experience and see change.
  15. BigM

    Intermittent flatline and erectile failure

    What really makes it insane , is how I'm able to achieve an erection ( though it takes time for me to be fully aroused ) when I have any sexual fantasy but can't get attracted to a lady. Back in the days I would easily get attracted to a lady, I had the confidence that I would walk in the...
  16. BigM

    Can dopamine deficiency from porn be permanent?

    This is the best piece I've read on this forum .
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    Intermittent flatline and erectile failure

    Well I have been rebooting for the past 3 months, I've had sex countable times. The thing is I'm no longer confident around women, I don't have the confidence to approach a stranger. I know I shouldn't give it a thought, but I'm young (24 yrs) and you understand I am at the exploration stage...
  18. BigM

    Up and down ED

    Happy birthday man. Don't panic everything
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    Has anyone flatlined after sex here?

    Low libido is a normal thing in this reboot , rewire thing. Stay focused with time you'll get better. For now concentrate on getting hard rock elections that can last for longer hours.
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    Appreciated man.