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    Found out i cant have kids so masturbating all i want

    Found out I can't have kids so I am masturbating all I want now! Screw trying to re-wire for woman! I love porn and will always love porn! Those who cant have kids need an outlet and I don't want to be a bother to any woman who wants to have kids. So yay for porn! Go ME :D Yes I have accepted...
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    Day 7 with no relapse ...Installed K9 and blocking all porn

    Day 7...Withdrawals are coming and safesearch wasn't a good enough tool for me to use. I installed K9 and am having better luck with it. I saved my password somewhere in the house so if I need to update a website to get it changed from blocked i can. I only have video streaming websites open and...
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    On day6 of no porn

    So I am having major with drawls of not watching porn. I blocked everything containing porn on my computer and no longer have access to it. I feel my mind changing and becoming more calm. I didn't think porn was a big deal since I was masturbating everyday for 10 years since I was 15. I had my...