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    Confessing to your parents

    I'm a 26 year old male and have often wondered if i should confess to my mother about my struggles. I think at times that it would be beneficial and other times i think what would she think of her "good" son. lol Have you shared with any of your parents?
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    Age 30, 200 days no porn, rebooting with partner, ups and downs

    Man i've really enjoyed reading your journey and especially your last few posts. Way to stick to no porn and your journey has made me smile a few times and look forward to all that in my future.
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    Starting a new reboot!

    Hey everyone, so this past week has been horrible with relapsing just about every day, i'm starting fresh today and looking to beat my longest record of 107 days.  :)
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    26 Year Old, Relapsed at 107 Days and My Story

    Hey everyone, i've been a member of this forum now for a few months. I have been reading and commenting on member posts but have yet to make my first journal or story. So i will start off by saying that i was trying to avoid porn at all costs and also masturbation. I've seemed to always fail at...