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    Moving On

    Haven't submitted report for a while cause nothing new.  I've been depressed today.  Don't think it is from withdrawl, but form other things going on in my life.  I am aware that at one time in my life I might have PMO'd to try to perk myself up.  That temptation was not here today.  I have...
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    Life in Freedom - my story

    I realize I never laid out my history in this journal, so I will try to do it here.  I am a bit removed from some of it so I wonder if I will dig more stuff as I go on in my recovery. I think I was a heavy masturbation habit from junior high school.  for sure every day.  IN college more times...
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    Life in Freedom -- Pressing on

    NOt so much new today. A good day of abstinance from all forms of PMO.  I am getting a lot of encouragement from reading the forums. Good to be part of the group.
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    Day 14

    Hi, I am on day 14 of reboot.  I have had very little trouble so far.  It seems like the decision to never go back to PMO gives strength for the issues that come up.  I find it helpful to apply the guideling of cutting off a mental picture within 5 seconds if it is a flashback to porn or to...