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    Regret is actually powerful and necessary for changing behavior, so that's good. Regret is healthy, but do watch out for guilt and shame, because these can sabotage successful attempts at change! Confessing your faults and practicing your faith are good tools for overcoming guilt and shame.
  2. creativenothing

    Road to recovery. My success story!

    Thank you @Dude09 for your thoughtful advice. I will definitely give it a try. On point 1, I don't think I want to make my recovery dependent on whether or not I can find a girlfriend, but you have encouraged be to put myself out there and offer myself to someone. I need to stop being reclusive...
  3. creativenothing

    Day 6

    I'm praying for you too brother. Keep up your diligence and dedication to recovery!
  4. creativenothing

    Exciting days!!

    It's not an easy change. I'm in the same boat. We're in this together.
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    Exciting days!!

    Do you want a higher counter streak, or do you want to heal? There is no such thing as porn. Porn, and porn substitutes, are actually the same thing. They're both porn, or both not porn, depending on your perspective. The problem is inside, in your mind. If you're addicted to porn, you need to...
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    Starting this battle

    I'm encouraged and motivated by this! Thank you.
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    Been a minute…

    Hell yeah dude! Sounds like an awesome new year.
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    Breaking the quit and relapse cycle

    It sounds like the antidote here is to work on wishing others well in their relationships and being happy for their happiness. Feeling like you're behind comes from worry about oneself. This isn't to judge, it's a habit we all learn. I used to be so unhappy and miserable when I worried so much...
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    Officially day 1

    I will pray for your freedom from this addiction. I will also tell you that the most powerful prayer of healing for oneself is to pray for others. So, let's pray for the end of everyone's addiction here. 🙏
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    Hardwired from self-destruct

    Congratulations on your three weeks! Praying that everyone else on Reboot Nation achieves 3 more weeks of freedom. 🙏
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    20 Something Reboot

    Absolutely. A healthy relationship is two whole people joining together.
  12. creativenothing

    Age 26 - My Journey - NoFap and Reboot Works!!

    Glad to hear things are getting better for you, and welcome to the forum!
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    Been a minute…

    Hang in there! Your resolve is strong, and not just that, you have a whole community giving you their positive energy and supporting you. 🙏
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    Breaking the quit and relapse cycle

    Yep, letting go of porn helps us to act more diligent toward what we value in life. I'm learning that myself.
  15. creativenothing

    Over 120 P free. Need help

    No, you have not wasted anything. Recovery can be a long process, and it sounds like you're not out of the woods yet. It might help to try to let go of your sexual performance and erections for right now, and to keep moving forward. Easier said than done.
  16. creativenothing

    Behold, I'm Yours

    I second @KetchupDrool on having purpose. It's helping me a lot this time around in my recovery to have a positive drive to pull me foward. Personally, I have my Buddhist practice that gives my life purpose, helps me to transform my mind, and gives me something outside and beyond myself to...
  17. creativenothing

    Hardwired from self-destruct

    Keep it up @iwander! You're doing great.
  18. creativenothing

    Reboot on 24 Jan 19

    I too have been an on and off relapser. I have been creating new journals and accounts here over the years. Let's get out of this cycle together. Overcoming this won't just benefit oureselves, but we will be so much more available to others to make this world a better place.
  19. creativenothing

    I am taking control of myself

    Welcome to the forum @Jochen999! Glad to have you here.
  20. creativenothing

    DELETED: From Compulsion to Inner Peace

    @Optimize55 Thank you for looking out for me. I will avoid triggers when possible, and if I do stumble into at trigger, I will do my practice of guarding the sense doors.