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    Question: is it “cheating”?

    Is watching P an act of infidelity? Is M’ing on its own? Is M’ing to P? My personal answers: yes, no, yes. In that order. I’m trying to wrap my head around it. For years I’ve just tried to tell myself that it’s “normal” for guys to regularly watch it. These threads are giving me hope...
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    So hurt and not sure I can overcome

    I’m hoping to see the same. Feeling just how you expressed above - not sure how to get over the disgust. When you asked how someone who loves you could lie to you like that - a betrayal of trust to be sure - and my immediate thought is that he wants to protect you from what he knows is wrong...
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    Why can’t I just get over it? Why can’t I just feel like enough?

    Someone on a thread has mentioned the lack of support outside Christian communities. I too want resources for dealing with this outside of a biblical narrative. Something about habitual P use feels wrong, and I don’t need any god to tell me that. But…. I’m a modern woman - where’s my sense of...
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    Working at it, but not quite understanding.

    This was helpful. 😩😫😭
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    “Maybe one day he’ll want me?”

    I really appreciate that validation! It’s tough as a female partner to want to be desired, want to meet his needs, and feel that I somehow fall short. Addiction is complicated. Behaviors are learned and have to be unlearned. I understand it all from a logical perspective, but that doesn’t...
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    Is this a poem? Partially kidding, but fr kinda reads like slam poetry lol

    Is this a poem? Partially kidding, but fr kinda reads like slam poetry lol
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    “Maybe one day he’ll want me?”

    Oh, and the username…. It’s because I am the real thing. I just wish that’s what he wanted.
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    “Maybe one day he’ll want me?”

    I called this journal “Maybe one day he’ll want me?” because I guess that’s the hope I’m searching for here. I’ve had healthy sexual relationships, with a lot of love, enough kink, and plenty of the gentle quiet intimacy that follows a sexual encounter between two healthy people in love who...