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    10 days

    trying to keep open minded and replacing old habits is important to recovery, something Im still working on ... your mind will play tricks you making you believe your old lifestyle was good and legit ... its not, dont fall for it :)
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    How do you explain porn addiction to someone...

    sex addicition is hardest to cure because it is a basic human need. smoking alcohol arent natural to the body. tbh I found quitting coffee the hardest, but not as hard as porn
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    Cam Girl Addiction: From Financially Savvy to Buried in Debt

    thanks for sharing mate, dont give up, have you ever tried qigong? I have that has help immensely over the years as it keep me grounded. Ever time you masturbate you become more yang (heat) and depleted of yin (cool/feminine) and thus it makes it easier to relapse again. Qigong help build the...
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    17yr old porn addict

    remember its an addiction you are up against, be kind to yourself and especially when you slip up, just get back up and try again.
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    Will share my story after i beat it

    no pun intended
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    Please read if you are struggling.

    personally i dont think you have to quit social media, unless it triggeres you into watching porn
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    Sharing my story

    Hi. Wanted to share my story. I became interested in porn in 90s as a teenager. First exposure would have been video tape but also adult mags that friends used to circulate. I was into smoking dope as a teenager which in my opinion weakens your resistance to porn. Had no GF at school, even...