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    God bless you all especially warriors of 2014 to 2016 era

    Guys , Rebooting is the word which saved my life and my marriage , god is great to show me this path . To cut short, i was chronic masterbator for 17 years starting my 7th age to 24th age. Had severe ED since my 17th age. I had dead penis since 2003 to 2014 till i start rebooting . No sign of...
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    24 M, 10 months hard mode. Yesterday i decided to M only using my imagination

    I suggest not to do M also. Brain should only and only act to real girl, real visuals. When you are craving for M, you search in internet and thousands of search results says you can do M without any problem , but in reality , it also take you away from reality . You may feel M is giving better...
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    1.5 years of M less journey spoiled and feeling like trapped

    Had to stop my 24 years of Masterbation addiction last 1.5 years back.And Faced low libido,no morning wood,serious ED Still had faith. But one new girl spoiled my M less ness,while chatting om phone her hot chats made me sleep towards bed and I had to ejaculate .after that I resumed rebooting...
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    Rebooting with Low testosterone help me friends please

    ED due to Over M since my age of 8, and now am 29, stopped M 1.5 years back still i dont have libido, morningwood. Also recent lab report says i have Low Testosterone,Lh,fsh. rebooting would help me in all these ?
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    After one year am relapsing and its hell

    After one year of fully dedicated PMO new hot girl whom i met started sexting and i just changed position on bed during chat and erection increased and i had to loose. same scenario repeated for 4 times in a row. Its an unexpected challenge, other than this i donbt do M as addiction like...
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    LH FSH Testosterone low so no libido

    am into second year of rebooting i have very very low libido as my Testosterone is low further blood test shown i also have LH and FSH hormone issues so testosterone not getting produed. please tell me why this? how to fix my pitutary gland hormone production pblms? any body with info about...
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    1 Year of Rebooting still ED but some gain some pain .

    I did M for 22 Long years from my age of 6-7 to 28 . when i was 17 , one day during M i could not reach top , a pannic attack of being Impotent rocked my brain . And that was last , i never got normal erection by visualizing . Still i continued M without erection till i reach 28, also i must...
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    whats you people take on Jelqing?

    my issue is ED and Low T , i was told to do Jelqing , without ejaculation playing with penis.whats ur opinion that?
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    On 300th day of nofap, after 15 years of fapping every day , after 10 years of chronic ED istarted no fap but even now i wont turn on for girls or porn or any thing . Only i get erection when i chat with new girl on whatsap. No mrning wood and have low Testosterone. once in a while i get wet...
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    Forever low Testosterone now a new tension.

    Hello , I Am in 300 plus days of no fap, but even now i am in flatline, even i have ED. from one year doctors checking my testosterone its around 2.06 and when they give injection and caps i get normal , but again after some time coming down , what is the reason for it? now doctors are thinking...
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    No change after rebooting , good bye libido and related stuffs

    Am rebooting from past 9 months, my urge to have sex not at all coming , am in deep flatline. i think 22 years of M spoiled my life, i wont do it again , even i dont dream of marrying also...... erection is not at all coming even though some time i get aroused lightly.....let me call it a day....
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    Fantacy for elder women how to overcome?

    I get aroused when i see women of 30-40 age group and that too married. same arousal wont happen with my age , or younger girls, how can i overcome this?
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    Arousal and Erection are diferent issues, why no arousal for me?

    Why i dont get arousal by allmost all hot girls, posters, pics, porn? but i get aroused during sexting !!!1 from where i should start fixing ?
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    Why testosterone goes low?

    why testosterone goes low? how can we make it up?
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    Rebooting of 200days with Disapointment

    I never watched porn but what you guys say everything i got just due to 25 Years of masterbation. i started 200 days before this rebooting and stopped M , but even now i did not recovered from serious ED. when i completed 100 days i was in very good level, getting erections without reason ...
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    Chain reaction ED to Anxiety, Testosterone low, venous damage,performance anxiet

    Due to pannic atack i got ED when i was 17, a sudden thought of me being impotent. but continued Masterbation till i reach 28 in this 10 years ED was so strong a deadly flatline. undergone for diagnosis and found out i HAVE vENOUS LEAKAGE SO THEY OPERATED IT. Still no erection and libido, did a...
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    Wet dream or Masterbation in sleep!! did i relapse? Plz help

    i was chronic addict of M from 20 years and having ED from 10 years . Started rebooting and its my 210th day. Last night i had wet dreams but initially i triggered by a horny dream and during ejaculation time i woke up and realized i was in prone masterbation type  means  face down and sleeping...
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    TRT replacement and other questions

    Does 10 years of chronic M even though had flatline  cause testosterone low? am facing itnow also i have Sleeplessness,depression,anxity , OCD
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    Why Morning wood disappeared? please say

    Am in 180th day of Rebooting after 20 years of chronic masterbuation followed by 10 years of ED Now am in horrible flatline  . My flatline stared even before rebooting .many years before , still i did M as a addiction. Now my doubt is i used to get morning wood after few days of rebooting but...
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    Eye issues Do you have this?

    I was doing M from 15 years,wen i reached my age of 18 i got ed. but today i wanted to clarify one thing at the age of 18 when i got Ed same time i also got OCD and one strange eye issue its like i cant focus with one target i get gittiness , if i enter mob area or if i get sudden shocking...