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  1. Majky

    31 days REPORT-On the way to the NEW LIFE.

    Hello!  ;) My first success report, today is my 32th no PMO day. I can compare myself now(no PMO) and before. Greatest benefit i see now is OVERCONFIDENCE. I am surprised that its only my 32th day and my confidence is ALREADY SKY-HIGH. I am interested what it will be after day 90. My...
  2. Majky

    Something about addiction from my point of view

    Hello ,I am  Matthew almost 20 years old boy. Until age of 17 years i was free , it means i hadn't access to PORN. From my late 17 everything bad started , i gained access to PORN , tryed it and everything changed. I can remember that before my addiction started i was really confident ,  i...