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  1. The Baddest

    Delete my account

    Delete my account
  2. The Baddest

    I feel confused

    So I masturbated today and I am afraid I am falling into the addiction again. So holidays began for me in college and I did somethings today. But was feeling kinda lonely and stressed also cause I was feeling that I am not doing enough studying and also I have some idiot friends who just keep...
  3. The Baddest

    I had fever

    I had fever and I masturbated to feel some energy. I was lying around and was not feeling the energy to get up or do anything. I was feeling a little bored also so I masturbated to feel something. Just something . Some power. I watched youtube videos of some sleazy songs and masturbated to one...
  4. The Baddest

    You Guys are awesome

    Just a little thanks and gratitude from my side. Please know that you guys are awesome.
  5. The Baddest

    Saturdays are the worst

    I just feel like escaping. I have come to know what my trigger is. I am running from people always. I hate them. I think bad about them. Even if I try to think good about them someone does something inconsiderate to me which launches me into escaping the reality mode. I am feeling particularly...
  6. The Baddest

    I am having vivid dreams : How they are leading to relapse

    I started on this website a month ago. Everytime I logged in and tried to NoFap, I kept on relapsing. God help me this time! Anyway I am having vivid dreams now that I have stopped taking NoFap seriously, I mean I don't make it bigger that myself. So the last 2 times I relapsed - there are some...
  7. The Baddest

    How boredom almost had me relapse yesterday

    Yesterday was holiday and also my exam got over on Thursday so I was kind of in a good mood. In the morning everything went fine but could not meditate because I live with a roommate and I feel he is peeking into my life. I don't really feel comfortable sharing my addiction with him because he...
  8. The Baddest

    Rebooting leading to Cravings for Food

    I think I am coaddicted to food as well as P. Now in first week of NoFap, I have started craving food more and more. My brain I guess has gotten used to rewards. Now It wants me to eat more instead of studying or other activities that I really wanna do. From day 1 of my Journey I have...
  9. The Baddest

    How I started the ruin of my life

    I just wanted to let my feelings out about how I started. While reading success stories I remembered how It all started for me. I think a big part of it started in the month holidays between 10th and 11th grade. I already knew what porn was. But until then I was not much into it. I used to watch...
  10. The Baddest

    I relapsed after 3 weeks

    I was helpless and depressed for last 3 years . did not knew it was due to porn. Now I know and am using everything I have to get rid of this. I relapsed but I have full confidence I will lose this bad habit from my life .Period