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  1. Kurall_Creator

    A video I made on my first year and a half about Rebooting
  2. Kurall_Creator

    My first 15 months Rebooting

    My life has changed! While I can't say I haven't 'fallen' a few times, things have radically changed for me. Where once, I watched porn at least once a day, and 3-4 times on weekends or when I was not working, I have radically changed my life. First, thing I have noticed. Things do not bother...
  3. Kurall_Creator

    Say NO

    Today, I feel weak, and strong, and motivated, and fearful! I feel porn trying to draw me in, but I shout back, NO!!! I don't need porn. I have an awesome fianc? who loves me, who is always there for me, who even hugs and holds me when she is sleeping. When has pixels on a screen ever done...
  4. Kurall_Creator

    That's it, never again!

    I feel off the bandwagon big time. After going weeks without PMOing, I figured I didn't need or these forums anymore. I was wrong. When I was doing my best, I had a new regular routine, and it was working very well, and there is something new that I'm going to do for now on, to make...
  5. Kurall_Creator

    9 weeks of Freedom

    I came to this forum around 8 weeks, after I started my journey to go porn free the week previous. I was 41, addicted to porn since 13 years old, depressed, suicidal, my relationship with my girlfriend was tanking because of PIDE, and I couldn't find any motivation to do anything i wanted in...
  6. Kurall_Creator

    My new life

    Around a month ago, if you told me, I would have had one seven day stretch without pornography, relapse a few times for a week, but get back on the bandwagon and got 18 days without porn - I'd probably have told you that you were nuts, and that I was probably taking pornography to my grave...
  7. Kurall_Creator

    Kurall's True Reboot

    I'm on day three of my journey. I know I am an addict, because I've tried to quit several times and started over again. I started my addiction to PMO when I was 13 years old, stealing an adult magazine when I was 13 years old, and hiding it in my room. By the time I was 18, I was renting movies...