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    15 Months Severe Pied recovery

    Hey man congrats on your marriage and recovery. Could you please tell us how severe was your pied and how long did it last before you started your journey? I have the exact same problem of not being able to have an erection standing up, i would occasionally wakeup with a boner but the moment i...
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    How are you feeling now mate

    How are you feeling now mate
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    Shrunk, unresponsive, rubbery penis

    Hello guys For the past 3 months by penis has been abnormally shrunk, very unresponsive and only useful for urination, its very scary also my balls shrunk and appears saggy when i’m resting but shrink up when i’m doing work. i only came across nofap and RN recently so idk if my problem is porn...
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    Cant do it with Hand anymore

    So basically i don?t know if thats common as a PIED or not so i hope if someome who has been through this k it to reply to me. After realising i had PIED about a month ago i think. I was kind of happy to know what happened to me and to know that i can fix it. however, i realised that my penis...
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    Am i the most severe case? anyone been through this?

    Helloooo RN and Thankyou for this GREAT FORUM please excuse my English Story time? ill try to keep it as short as possible and if anyone who read this has gone thro the same thing please comment. I?m 23 - Single ATM Same as everyone else i started the Porn journey when i was 10 and at the...