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    Saw a great video with Gabe Deem and wanted to give an update

    Hello guys! It is nice to see that this community is still thriving and sharing important and truly life changing knowledge. I have a reboot account here - so I don't want to go too much into depth. I just want to update my story a bit...
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    Succes finally after 3 years of struggle!

    Hello guys! (English is not my primary language but I try my best) I have been rebooting for 3 years and about a month ago I finally started seeing big improvements. I have not watched porn in more than 3 years. I have had severe ED, even with porn 3 years ago. I could not get it up for a whole...
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    Healing signs after 3 years!

    Hello guys. I have been really happy lately about my progress. Just want to tell my story to give other people hope. I am definitly in the top few percent of people with serious PIED. I am more than thirty years old, and I was a virgin until few years ago. When I had sex first time, or tried...
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    Porn free for more than 1 year

    Hello. I started becoming interested the idea of no-fap around summer last year. I had noticed softer erections for some weeks and was becoming worried and I started googling about the problem. Then I became motivated more to search for a girlfriend or some fun and managed to come on a date...
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    Succes in many ways

    Hey rebooters! I gave up porn about one year ago. I haven't watched porn since. I started reading about PIED more than one year ago and gradually I started changing my life. I was a +30 virgin and I was afraid of kissing. Now I have been on many dates, and I have also kissed and had sex with...