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    Next step

    I?m getting serious about changing my life. I was taking a legal high called kratom (opiate like) for a year straight and recently got off of it completely. I?m nearly a month off of it after going through withdrawals and getting back to baseline. I feel great now that I?m off of it. My...
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    Do or Die

    This time, there?s not a choice with my mindset. Things have again spiraled out of control. Previously until this past year I was able to continue on without much of a conscience if I wanted, this is not possible now. Even in the middle of the act I question what I?m doing and have thoughts...
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    Does a fetish ever go away?

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    Stiffy is ready to EVOLVE.

    I go on little spurts of abstinence and feel great when I do. I?ve gone months in the past and it was when I was using this community as a resource. Mentally I?m in a dark place right now and I truly believe if I can harness this vice of mine that my quality of life and self-image will greatly...
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    Back on the wagon. Serious attempt number two!

    I made it over 60 days last time I tried. And the past month, PMO has become a habit once again. One that I know I must break if I am to have the life that I desire. I just got finished with a PMO session and I am disgusted with myself as always. Have tried to stop but what I've been doing isn't...
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    It's time to take the next step in becoming who I want to be.

    Hey all, I just found this place from I've always found discussion boards or forums to be helpful places to get support in many areas. With my current endeavors, I am excited to become a part of this community. About me... I?m 24. I've struggled with porn and sex addiction...