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    What you give is what you get (I went 580 days. Relapsed. Finally back on track.

    @Emptyroom Hey man, sorry to hear about your relapse. I wish you the strenght to get back on track!
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    Taking back my dignity

    Two weeks Noporn and Nofap. No urges for both the whole week. Feeling very good right now! Was with people the whole week and even a bit partying without alcohol, even though thats no longer my thing it was quite pleasant. Won't do that too often though. But being so socially active atm really...
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    Taking back my dignity

    Guys, I am doing good atm. No porn thoughts, no interest in masturbating. Going with the flow. On the other hand I know I would relapse, if I would do worse again. The most important point in my journey is learning to deal with and overcoming depression.
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    Reclaiming my agency - Discovering self through overcoming my addictions

    @Impression Had the same experience, failed after 4 months. But never give up, we can do this!
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    Taking back my dignity

    One week clean of P and MO. I'll try again to do it with masturbating a lot less. Before I tried with masturbating as a means to controll the urges. No urges for both atm. Problem with my first try (4 months) was, that over time my penis got really sensitive because of nofap and when I...
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    How to get past these feelings

    @BetrayedHurtAngry Hey, I am so sorry for what you have to endure, porn addiction is truly a monster. From what you write it sounds like he really opened up and is trying to change. I hope you both can overcome this. "But from everything I read, it seems it would get to the point the "mild"...
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    Taking back my dignity

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    Taking back my dignity

    Relapsed again.
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    Taking back my dignity

    I am so glad I didn't relapse. Did some Yoga and had a really good talk with an interesting woman. So much better than loosing my dignity again by sitting alone and jerking off to disgusting porn. But this was way too close. Being rejected activates depressive and traumaticed neural circuitry...
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    Taking back my dignity

    I am so loaded with dopamine atm. I was ready to relapse, no kidding. I got to know a woman online and we wanted to meet and then she suddenly ghosted me. Thats something I have a hard time coping with because then the voice "why not porn? It doesnt matter" appears. Like 15 minutes ago I got...
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    I HATE the industry! All of them!

    Your right man, this industry is just unscrupulous. They make billions by abusing woman and making addicts out of young teenagers. They don't care about the consequences and all it needs is one click for a child to access this addictive filth. There is no restriction, because they just don't...
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    Taking back my dignity

    Thanks man!
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    Fighting For Love

    @ActivistNotWacktivist Hey man, one thing about your figure! Your ribcage won't go away from excercising. There are no muscles in front of it, that could hide it. If you don't want your ribcage to be visible you will habe to gain body fat. But srsly, my ribcage is visible, too, because I am...
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    Taking back my dignity

    Two weeks clean.
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    Extreme wiring since childhood

    I think ED pills can help in the rewiring. It is about making good experiences with sex and therefore connecting your desire to a real human again. If you can't get an errection, that won't necessarily help with the rewiring but may even harm it, as you could go back to porn as the "easy...
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    Journey to a better me

    Hey man, sorry to hear about your relapse! Stay strong the next days and weeks and don't fall for mindtricks like "it doesn't matter now that the streak is broken". Never give up!
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    Taking back my dignity

    One week.
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    Shame Post

    Hey man, I dont want to write a big text, I don't habe time for that now. But congrats on your mature view on things. I really like your approach and I know about the shame thing. Just had a similar confession to my psychologist a few days ago, about PIED. I also like your stance on...
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    Taking back my dignity

    I wanted to write, why I wanted to quit initially and havent done that yet. It is a problem, that I dont want to think about it and invest time in it, as long as I am doing well. Thats a major problem. Thats just avoidance. 1. lack of interest I preferred porn over sex and wasn't attracted...
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    Taking back my dignity

    Relapsed again a few hours ago. My brain feels molten. I am a full scale addict again. I PMO, just so I can stop thinking about it and have my peace, because porn is on my mind all the time. The addiction is torturing me and I can't think straight anymore after having not watched for a few days...