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  1. Pdub


    Great quote from @joepanic here. I'm going to use this one when talking about addiction and recovery going forward.
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    Back again to go all the way

    Congrats on your 30 days @the_badger !
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    Escape and never come back

    I've had plenty of new year's resolutions that didn't pan out. I'll go vegan for a month. I'll stop drinking for a month. I'll go to the gym everyday for a month. Sometimes I'm more successful with smaller resolutions, you know? From what I learned about other addictions, it's just trying to...
  4. Pdub

    Another year gone

    Day 6. I didn't check in yesterday because I was busy from the moment I got up to the moment I went to sleep. Funny how when you're not idle things start to get easier. Idle hands and all that. I spent some time working on self study for career related stuff, met with family to talk about...
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    Finally sick and tired of being sick and tired

    We all have our ups and downs. I hope you saw some value in avoiding PMO in your day to day life and return when you're ready!
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    Ending 2023 with a drive to get better. Here's to 2024!

    Ending 2023 with a drive to get better. Here's to 2024!
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    Porn is not an option

    Hoping I can make it to 80 days this time around. Great way to end 2023!
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    Over 7 months of no porn websites

    7 months is a huge win in a society where triggers are everywhere. Since this was in August of this year, that would make you at 11 months now. Hope you're still staying strong @pump20 !
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    Finally sick and tired of being sick and tired

    Taking a step back and looking at your urges like that can be difficult. Keep at it and you'll make 30 days no problem.
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    Another year gone

    Day 4. Despite having neck pain all night I somehow got decent sleep. Woke up feeling ready to take the day on. It's new year's eve today. I'm going to try to spend it with people I care about and get out in public.
  11. Pdub

    Another year gone

    Right now my day counter is at 3. Baby steps. Today I'm going to try to work out a bit in the morning, do some dishes, and later head out to see a show. That should cover most of my triggers.
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    Another year gone

    I'm back again. I'm older but not wiser, made a step forward and took a step back. Sometimes it feels like I'm living in a porn addiction Groundhog's day. I was doing well and had over two months clean. I was over a flatline and starting to engage in actual sex again. Things were looking...
  13. Pdub

    Pdub's journey

    I completely fell off the wagon some time ago.  I convinced myself that PMO was alright... if it was done once in a while.  I tried sticking to a once a month indulgence, which turned into twice a month, which turned into once a week, which turned into multiple times a week.  Soon after all my...
  14. Pdub

    Twenty-two years

    Hello all you beautiful people, This is my first entry of many.  I am 34 years old as of the writing of this topic.  Today marks 14 days being PM free.  Why not PMO? I'm in a relationship and have been married for 6 years on August 2nd, 2019.  I'm taking it slow and trying not to isolate myself...