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  1. Spangler

    We made REMOJO free

    Hey Reboot Nation, this is Noah B.E. Church, porn recovery coach and friend of Gabe Deem. Ever since I started trying to guide people who wanted to live pornfree, I've had a vision of an app that would give people everything they need to do that: Blocking, accountability, community, ways to...
  2. Spangler

    This man changed your life, whether you know it or not

    It's been almost one year since Gary Wilson of Your Brain On Porn died. Gabe Deem and I (Noah Church) are hosting a live stream to remember him and how his work changed all our lives for the better! Please write in the live chat now your story of Gary and YBOP, and join us this Saturday at 11am...
  3. Spangler

    The Most Deluded Man In the World

    Thought you all might enjoy this. If you see yourself in here, don't despair! I used to be a lot like this, but change is definitely possible.
  4. Spangler

    Honest commercial for porn (SFW)

    If there were commercials for porn, and if they were honest...
  5. Spangler

    I presented at a conference on how porn changes the brain and causes addiction

    I got to present at the CESE conference in Houston last year with Gabe Deem, Gary Wilson, and Haley Halverson! My talk should help you understand why PMO can be so damaging and hard to quit: I know Gabe already started a thread about his talk, but in case you missed...
  6. Spangler

    Instead of fapping, I made this video Hi rebooters! I want to thank you all for being awesome, especially Gabe if he reads this. Back in 2014 when I started this journey he was the only guy recovered from PIED who was putting his face out there and telling it like it was. He helped...
  7. Spangler

    Jessica's recovery from porn addiction

    Hi! I'm not a woman, but from talking with a lot of women who struggle with porn use, I know that it can be even more difficult for ya'll to recover because there's even less support out there for you. Most people seem to only recognize porn addiction as a man's problem and there aren't many...
  8. Spangler

    70 Years Old, Finally Free of a 50+ Year Addiction to Porn

    Hey ya'll, I interviewed Ross Smith, who's got some really interesting perspectives on how porn use can affect our lives long term and how it's never too late to quit and start living a happier life. Send him some love! You can download the audio here
  9. Spangler

    CC: I missed out on the best years of my life

    Hey ya'll, since I've been sharing my story of porn addiction and recovery and what I've learned on this journey, a lot of people have sent me their stories and asked for counsel. I get a lot of very similar questions over and over, so I started to make my responses public. This week I received...
  10. Spangler

    Got on stage and told nearly 300 people my story of being addicted to porn.

    Hello, reboot nationals! A few weeks ago I publicly told my story of being addicted to porn from age 9-24, PIED, NoFap, recovery, love, sex, life, etc., and I wanted to share it with the people here. I hope it inspires someone.