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  1. aymentech45

    {And those who strive for Us - We will surely guide them to Our ways. And indeed, Allah is with the doers of good.} Surah Al-Ankabut

    Day 02, The hardest part of this road is the fear of falling again, which shakes your willpower, this is not a disapointing point but a real enemy that you have to face everyday and more importantly to learn how to deal with. The most important thing you should dig in your mind, js that...
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    Question to successful rebooters

    Keep going michal, just because you are trying, you are on the right track. 90 days is a great achievement, congratulations!. it's the first hard step on the road, but Be careful man, there are lots of rebooters who relapsed after 90 days of hard mode because they think it's done, they cured. I...
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    20 year porn use, PIED from hell.

    I would suggest to read this book "The brain that changes itself" you may find an answer to your libido issue, the answer and the solution is inside the book. I would explain it to you but I forget the very intersting details and physiological operations. Stay strong bro
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    Am I having too much sex?

    Do you still watch porn when you date your GF? If no, how has you been quitting porn? I think your answer is very important, so I can understand clearly your situation.
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    I dont have any urges against any woman or porn

    It's a normal phase during the rebooting process, don't try to try yourself by watching porn, It's horrible trap, your brain is reorganizing itself to rewire again so what you feel this days is a sign that things are working and porn had an impact on you. Don't go back to porn, trust the process...
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    Keep working bro, but be careful on the road, it's full of traps.
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    @Gabe Deem Hello Mr; Gary willson wrote in his book that the brain of an addict when it thinks of sex or reproduction, it thinks about fapping and a screen as a real sex, so it will do its best to push you through that habit. And Gary also adds that all the memories you made while watching porn...
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    If you ejaculate without stimulation, see the journey!

    You are getting better, keep going
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    @Michaelp362, In order to recover from porn and masturbation, you must, you must, you must avoid all sort of cues, whether It is vivid or strong because your brain will recycle it into an urge and press you to masturbate, Ultimtely slow down your progress, So man If you say hard mode, you must...
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    If you ejaculate without stimulation, see the journey!

    Good work bro, keep going, I can see the light.
  11. aymentech45

    successfully rebooted

    It would be better to tell us how long did it take to cure and how did you face the withdrawal symptoms. These information can make sombody else motivated and put water on doubt fires. Congratulation bro.
  12. aymentech45

    1 year without fapping

    Good work bro, you've face the hardest part, but keep in your mind that scientists have showed that brain need from 2 to 5 years to get its balance, It also depends on where you got started watching porn and how long as well, as a teenager is little bit complicated but impossible, anyway bro...
  13. aymentech45

    If you ejaculate without stimulation, see the journey!

    Do you get started to read books about porn addiction? If no, It's highly helpful to strongly put your feet on the road. Anyway, keep going my friend you're doing well.
  14. aymentech45

    If you ejaculate without stimulation, see the journey!

    Keep going bro. You will get it, remember nothing is perfect and you'll not do every right thing from the beginning, each time you learn, you add to your routine or eject as well.
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    If you ejaculate without stimulation, see the journey!

    Keep going bro. I do not recommend testing yourself during your first months because your willpower is still weak. Instead, I recommend to focus on knowledging yourself and creating new healthy habits, and let the sudden exposition to women especially on TV and social media, what ever they look...
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    If you ejaculate without stimulation, see the journey!

    It will take long period to vanish, as you got used to fap and imagine a woman you saw, your brain have created a strong connections between looking at a woman and that excitment of fapping. In other words, When you was fapping and watching porn all the memories you have in those moments are...