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  1. zaraki888

    My strategy is to avoid cue's, urges, cravings from happening

    Hello everyone, My post and reboot is not finished yet but I decided with thanks to two people giving their feedback to make a treat just in case it could help someone. I will update when I got time. Feel free to post your questions and ideas, thank you. Side note: I am single and I suffer...
  2. zaraki888

    The recoverynation workshops and the black mailing technique

    Hello everyone, After almost 5 years I still struggle with porn addiction. I am back at rebootnation and this time I will follow the recoverynation program. I should have done this in the beginning. Anyway I will update my recovery here unless I change my mind. Currently me and a friend are...
  3. zaraki888

    Porn filter does help, however I lack motivation and will power. Reset again!

    Hello dudes! After my last post 120 days ago, unfortunate I wasn't able to control myself. The porn filter works but I lack motivation and will power and felt in depression. When I try to search a hot picture or find a bypass just to test myself out, I already lost the battle. This post is to...
  4. zaraki888

    How to prevent bypassing k9 porn filter and why this works in rebooting

    Alert: I do not recommend porn filters anymore. If I got time, I want to make a new post with my insights and experience writing in detail why nobody should use any porn filter. You could try porn filters but if it doesn't work, please stop and do not waste more time and energy is my advice...
  5. zaraki888


    Warning triggers here!                                                                                                                          Update 16-9-2015 22:40 next update 20-9-2015 17:55 To read my new updated version of this mail, please click on the following link...
  6. zaraki888

    I remember I am here to help change the world. I must stop my addiction first!

    *If you are gonna spend time reading my journal, please I highly recommend reading my article first ''How to make sure your porn filter is working effective'' To make sure there is no way to bypass the filter. Just scroll down on page 1. Warning there are triggers.* Hello everyone, nice to...