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    Wet dreams....

    I had 4 wet dreams in 3 days is it mormal???
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    What is this???

    After i started my reboot, when it gets erected, head of my dick becomes big but remains soft and part below that gets really hard. What is it. Can it be cured by reboot???
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    Penis sensitivity...

    does penis sensitivity comes back on its own or is it important to do gel and oil massages to gain sensitivity back???
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    Morning wood and spontaneous erections..

    does a person gets morning woods and spontaneous erections during flatline?
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    Has any on did this???

    My first question is has anyone cured his porn related problem just by rebooting? Another question that i wanted to ask is, when i was in my early days of reboot i was able to get it hard just by touching without any porn fantasy. My when i completed my 90 days hard mode i was not able to get it...
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    when i was in my early days of reboot, i was able to easily get hard with my hand without fantasizing. Yesterday when i tried to masturbate, it was like nothing happening there. My libido is back but still i cannot get it hard with my hand. Has anyone experienced this???
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    Rebooting time...

    My question is what is a reboot, is it a time till when the urge of having sex comes back? I have completed 67 days of hard mode and my urges have come back. Does this mean that my reboot has completed? I think that now i just have to permanently remove porn from my life and have sex with my...
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    I feel like superman

    It has been 66 days of hard mode and i feel like i badly need to fuck a girl. I haven't felt this horny in my life. Should i have sex with my gf. Any suggestions????
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    can i cure my porn related problems just by rebooting???

    I have heard that we are wired for real women by birth. So is it possible for me to cure my brain just by rebooting?
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    Just asking....

    I had 4 wet dreams since i had started no PMO on 21 january. First was after 15 days, i.e. On 3rd feb then 20th feb, 22nd feb and then 28th feb. Why second, third , and fourth were in a very short time. But after wet dream i get morning wood.
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    A very important question....

    Today i was surfing the internet i saw comment of a guy who was watching porn at regular basis the quote he quoted was "This kind of thing is the biggest reason that I generally remain single. Although... kinda funny. I did stop watching porn and trashed all of it once, and didn't watch any...
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    Should i start my counter???? plz help guys!!!!

    I went to watch a movie with my friends today, it had 2 sex scene in it. When the scene started i didn't felt aroused, instead i was shouting at myself in my mind that why the hell did i came here. I didn't do it intentionally and in one of my post mr. gary wilson quoted that "It's the pursuit...
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    I watched mr. Gary wilson's video about pied but i have a doubt. Plz help!!!

    I saw mr. Gary wilson's video today, in the video was telling that just by giving up porn and masturbation for 9 months the problem of pied will be solved. He did not told to quit fb or internet, so why people say that you should quit fb and internet. My another question is when i watch tv...
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    I get rendom erections but when i stand, my dick starts to becom soft....

    I get random erections twice a day since i begin reboot but the problem is it gets soft as i stand. Does this happens to every one and does a healthy male gets erection that last several minutes even while standing.
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    i see porn in my dreams before wet dreams. Is it normal????

    Since i stopped PMOs i had 2 wet dreams, in 1 of them i had a view of pic of a sexy girl with cloths and i woke up with an orgasm and in another i was watching a magazine. In both of these wet dreams i was looking at porn, does that mean i haven't recovered from porn and only need porn to...
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    Help me!!! Am i suffering from pied???

    I get morning wood daily, i also get spontaneous erection once per day and when i tried to masturbate without any fantasy it got erected to its full strength in 1 minute. I still have a doubt, am i suffering from pied. And i can't have sex without getting married.