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    Just a short question about "staying power"

    Hey folks! Staying power isn't exactly the right term in the healdline. It's rather standing power. :-D Has anybody the same problem: Getting very hard during "warm-up" before having sex with a partner, but (if it's a girl like in my case) before she starts getting wet and ready for sex...
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    I need speed and high friction to come

    Hey guys! At first I wish everybody a nice weekend! And now to my problem: I'm rebooting for over a month now, but I have the feeling that it hasn't changed much (I know that one month is not a long time at all and I can't expect many changes or changes at all in this time). It's also more that...
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    My way out of hell

    Hi! I'm 29 and just started my journey to reboot and no self stimulation 3 days ago. I guess I will start from the beginning (so I don't know how long the post will be). Well, as for girls I was a real slow starter. I had my first girlfriend at 19 and we didn't have sex because it ended really...