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  1. RAMI

    Relapse after almost a year without porn.

    Ok, so I relapsed after being 11 months porn free. I'm trying really hard of not having the "I'm back to square one" mindset and just keep going with my reboot. I have a couple of questions  though, do I have to spect severe withdrawal symptoms just like the ones I had at the beginning of my...
  2. RAMI

    Question regarding having sex after +100 days rebooting

    Hey guys, first of all sorry for my English, it's not my first language. I've been rebooting for little over 100 days on hard mode and I only had a few of wet dreams here and there. A couple days ago I had sex since starting the reboot and I feel that the orgasm really knocked me off balance...
  3. RAMI

    Should I quit smoking at the same time I?m quitting PMO?

    Hey folks, wanna know your opinion about this. I?ve been smoking for 4-5 now, I stopped last year when I managed to do a 90 days streak without PMO, but when I relapsed in january this year, both PMO and smoking came back. Since then I?ve been struggling to pass the two weeks mark without...
  4. RAMI

    My Recovery Journal

    Hi everyone! My name is Rami, and I?m 24 years old. First of all I want to apologize in advance for my English, as it is not my native language. I?ll do my best to express myself as clear as possible. I?ve been struggling with porn use since the age of 16 when I got high speed internet at home...