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  1. MashuSan

    Yesterday, We Had a Long Talk

    I've done something bad with my partner last week and wrote about it too. Posted it in the Porn Addiction section and it helped me recover and heal from that. However, it left my partner with some questions and she's been not her self this last whole week. So I knew we had to talk somehow and we...
  2. MashuSan

    I Think I did Some Wrong Last Night

    Last night I made my girlfriend do some kinky stuff and kind of act out some of the porn that I was watching. Quick context setting: I relapsed a few days ago after a good month and a half and went through the whole shame/guilt/disappointment/anger/resolve/ motivation cycle over the last few...
  3. MashuSan

    Hardest Part Is Restarting

    The hardest part about stopping your porn addiction is restarting. I’ve been on this forum in 2015, 2018 and now again. For almost 10 years I’ve been trying to quit and I still haven’t been able to get through a whole year without porn... lol can’t even get through 8 months. my life has...
  4. MashuSan

    Life Level Up

    It's been well over two years since I've last posted. I tried once to go a year without any PMO, or even just porn. I've been struggling with reboot ever since I've read all there is to know on YBOP... that must have been back in 2009. It's almost been a decade and I still have never reached my...
  5. MashuSan

    Rise and Shine

    My name is Matthew. I'm addicted to PMO, and I've realized it for a couple of years. Only recently have I started taking action to make real changes. I'm not happy with myself right now and I want to beat this thing. I also want to give as much as I can. This is my ___ attempt. Albert Einstein...