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  1. PF56

    Please Help Me with HTML!

    I've tried getting help from the Administrators about this to no avail! I've also spent well over an hour trying to figure this out on my own but find myself frustrated. So I thought I'd ask you guys. (Please forgive me if this isn't the proper place to post this!) How do I attach an image to a...
  2. PF56

    Making Recovery my #1 Priority

    I'm so sick of the binge and purge cycle?binging until I'm satiated and then making an empty promise to stop! It's like the decision to fast after you've eaten a 7 course meal and you're feeling bloated. Easy to do in the moment! The real test comes when you get hungry again. I've let myself...
  3. PF56

    Changing Habitual Behavior with The 3 Circles

    From one perspective, addiction is nothing more than a deeply ingrained pattern of behavior?a habit. Of course, it's not just one behavior, it's a host of behaviors. So, in trying to find sobriety I think it's important to look at how all those little habitual patterns lead one to indulge or act...
  4. PF56

    Starting Over ? Ad Nauseum

    I've started over so many times I've lost count. I've been on an elusive quest for the past 15 years to find some way to remain sober more than a couple of months! Over the years I've attended countless SAA meetings, been to Rehab for a few months, worked the 12-Steps several times, worked with...