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    Flatline ( the wife edition)

    Hello everyone i am in a situation. i am 31 days sober. from a 15 year porn addiction. i was watching a Gabe deem video where he talking about flat line. i believe i am in that state right now. my wife has a high sex drive. it has been months since we have had sex. as recovering addicts how did...
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    Flip Phone to Smart phone

    Hello everyone, my name is Jay. I am on this forum because I have an addiction to porn; I started to notice it about 5 years ago. After I got married, I got rid of my smart phone and down graded to a flip phone so I wouldn't have that temptation. I have been sober for 30 days now, and I have...
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    Hello everyone My name is Jay. I am going through an addiction to porn. It all started masturbating before puberty. Then when I hit puberty. It was a whole different feeling. At first I didn't think of it. When I got married 3 years ago. It started to affect my love life and the physical with my...