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  1. Eren jaeger

    Question about rebooting

    If you had to Rank the worst things that setback a reboot what would it be? For me it's. 1: Orgasm 2: Porn 3: Masturbation 4: Porn alternatives
  2. Eren jaeger

    20 year porn use, PIED from hell.

  3. Eren jaeger

    17 year old with severe case (Possibly)

    Ok peeps Im back lol, I kept on relapsing until about the middle of January, then I made a promise not to pmo for 90 days and see what happens, at around the 80 day mark which would be yesterday I wanted to see if there was an improvement so I thought a sexual thought and I got an erection...
  4. Eren jaeger

    My 100-day teenage recovery from ED

    How long till your erections were stronger again?
  5. Eren jaeger

    I'm desperate...Anxiety is killing me

    You need to relax and just let things happen naturally, one of the main causes of natural ED( not the porn induced type) is anxiety, try some viagra and slowly become confident to the point where you wont need it anymore, the issue that we have will take years to slowly solve, but when it is...
  6. Eren jaeger

    17 year old with severe case (Possibly)

    Day 5: I did relapse, masturbated to orgasm twice in a row, but I learned my lesson, deleted tiktok which gave me the urge and Im gonna try again, no point in dwelling in the past, only imagining a better future mi amigos!
  7. Eren jaeger

    17 year old with severe case (Possibly)

    Day 4 : Have hit flatline, have no sexual energy or any energy whatsoever, I had a random boner yesterday but that was about it. I feel great, this is gonna be the successful run!
  8. Eren jaeger

    Severe Pied

    Sex isnt everything, you can just wait till the right one comes and tell her that knowing she'll stay with you
  9. Eren jaeger

    Severe Pied

    I honestly think that you should reboot for another month or so and then start rewiring without orgasm. Try to just get intimacy with your partner by just getting aroused and focusing on the intimacy, cause ur arousal system is fucked by porn and if you orgasm you risk flatline which only delays...
  10. Eren jaeger

    17 year old with severe case (Possibly)

    Thank you fappy. One of the worries I have is that I've exhausted my erection and orgasm system to a point that is unfixable, but will do!
  11. Eren jaeger

    17 year old with severe case (Possibly)

    The first time I discovered masturbation was when I as in my late 15s, the first time I orgasmed it felt really fucking good (I did it to porn), the good old days are gone sadly though. I became addicted about the first month I started using it, and it was a severe addiction, of course I didn't...