Just a short question about "staying power"


Hey folks!
Staying power isn't exactly the right term in the healdline. It's rather standing power. :-D
Has anybody the same problem:
Getting very hard during "warm-up" before having sex with a partner, but (if it's a girl like in my case) before she starts getting wet and ready for sex, hydraulic pressure in my boner is already dwindling and after that it's ultra hard (don't take this literally!!) to get it standing again.
Say, does this change over time? Are there tips 'n' tricks for this?
I guess it's shrinking so fast, because it was used to get hard directly with massive manipulation during masturbation. I know it helps if she is manipulatingtouching it during "warm-up", but I feld that if she does this, it is harder to get to an orgasm after. I wonder if it will stay hard longer after rebooting or if that's the way it is.

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Man, it's far too early to be asking these questions. You are only 3 days from your last PMO. If you have PIED, which seems likely from what you describe, you're going to have to do a proper reboot - which means abstaining completely from porn and not using any kind of artificial stimulation in order to get aroused. There are no tips and tricks. You might as well expect yourself to be sexually useless for a while until your brain gets a chance to rebalance after the constant dopamine blasts you've been giving it. Anything better is a bonus.

Be patient, play the long game, not the quick fix.