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So I have been PMO free 21 days now, yay! Had my first morning wood since a teen this am!

I know I need to reboot at least 90 days to reset the dopamine levels and everything else.

Can I give my wife a sensual massage and bring her to orgasm without her touching me or MO myself and still be on the reboot program or is this something I should avoid all together? I wont be seeing her for another 15 days yet anyways.

I know being intimate with my wife is a key to being free just don't know how far I should go with her.

56, PMO daily since 11 YO.



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You will probably get a variety of answers here. But you probably know deep down what you think is right for your own reboot.

The goal of all this is to get to the place where you can have successful sexual activity with a real live human being. Personally, I think it's fine to do this. It's basically the rewiring phase which you would be starting early. Do you think you're in flatline? Most guys at Day 21 are in a flatline and are not interested in sex. But of course they can still give pleasure to someone even if they aren't that interested. Just realize that you may not respond with an erection and that is OK and you shouldn't get discouraged.

As long as you are not looking at pixels, I think this can be a positive thing. Good luck man!



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Just jumping on to mirror what Phase2 said. Any actual sexual activity is better than artificial sexual stimulation. You'll know what's best for you in what you want to accomplish, but there are those of us, like myself, who continue to have sex throughout our reboot.

Sometimes my gf and I have sex, sometimes we just enjoy each other's (naked) company. It's fun and intimate and it's bonding with your partner. I say relish every moment of it.


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Knowing the various techniques of a sensual massage and putting them into practice can contribute to the improvement of romantic and sexual relationships. Many people do not think about this massage. Still, hot erotic massage is a good thing, especially for men, considering that women often need more attention that makes them feel comfortable before starting intimate activities. And with sensual massage London we can change otherwise to think more clearly and not be so tense, I believe massage is essential in our lives.


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yeah, i see nothing wrong with that. after all, theres no artificial stimuli and its your wife...


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My hubby does this type of massage to me every now and then and I love it. Always ends in me really needing him. What I would say is find out what works for her best in getting her head to the place you want it as you massage her. Is she a visual or listening person? If visual can see watch something as you do it. If she likes to hear things is it a recording as you suggest or something to talk to her about. Also, consider what themes turn her on best so you can get the right story to hit the spot. Is amazing what a difference setting this upright for her personality will have on the overall experience for her. good luck with this type of massage therapy.
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