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Hello guys

I discovered i am suffering from pied around one year ago.
However i still PMOed for maybe 8 months after i discovered that.
I started a streak 55 days ago. Hard mode
Problem is, around 6 months ago, i began suffering from strange symptoms and am not sure if theyre pied related.
These symptoms are.
1. Increased curvature of penis towards left side. I masturbate with my left hand btw. My penis is slightly bent to the left since i was a kid. But the curvature increased.
2. My penis began shrinking and some veins began popping out and appearing on my penis and am 100percent positive they werent visible a few months ago.
Since i rebooted i didnt notice any improvements. I know i have a long way ahead. Am just worried about the increased curvature and the change in shape of my penis that took place 6 months ago. I would appreciate any help or info.
Thanks guys and gd luck everyone


Hey Guy~

I don't know your age...but I am 60. I just came across and began exploring this site a few weeks back.
Just to give you a quick background....I started (I think?) to have PIED about 3 yrs ago and I just put together the (2+2 =) factor that maybe I have the severe ED problem due to Porn.
* I only get hard to 80% at BEST at any time. (Usually when I wake up in my sleep)

However- I am scheduled to see a Urologist in 2 weeks JUST to cover the "Physical aspects" that my ED  MIGHT be something of a physical nature.
At this point I want to cover ALL bases to be sure...being I just started with the reboot program recently after reading the article in TIME mag. a couple of months back.

With all this said- I have NO definitive answers to what you are experiencing, but I read someones entry here (at the forums) stating the "penis shrinking" issue when he was not M'ing for a long time.
I don't know about "curvature issues" at all.
But you might want to ck that out with a Urologist for those physical conditions.
Just putting some ideas out there for you. Don't know if it helps


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First off.. thanks for caring to reply and help me out.
Am 27 years. I go to the gym on a daily basis and my blood tests all came out okay. Test levels are okay and all the hormone profiles are okay. I have been watching porn for maybe 10 years. But the last 2 years i was really watching alot.


Stopping PMO will give you the best chance to make a full recovery.