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This us my first post ever online so please forgive for any errors. I have finally admitted that I have a problem. I've been a porn user for about twenty two years
I've lost many rrstionship to my problem. I'm forty nine years old and am single once again. Am going to therapy in my local city and have joined a group here in my local city. I joined this forum in hope of going and receiving support. I've read and watch most of the material and yes this is myself in alot of aspects.
Well it's been three days only. But it's a start I've never gone longer then a day without feeding my addiction it's hard not to I wake up and it's there keep reminding myself not to get up make breakfast have a coffee and change my mind set to what jobs I have to do today. It's my day off from work it is the most difficult time of the week for me now to much time on my hands but I plan on doing repairs around my house today I've been an addict for twenty two years started with pictures soft core at first then hard core then came daily up with pictures now it's high speed with videos. This problem has become all to apparent that it has taken away all good emotions and replaced with anger depression lying. I broke up with my girlfriend of three years I had put her through alot I could know longer drag her down with me she was the opposite to myself in life happy caring loving I on the other hand was the opposite. I let her go so she could be herself again. But with time and awareness of my addiction I will get thought this and come out the other side a better person


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Hi Arliss,

So glad you found us. This is an extremely supportive group with everyone working for the same goal, to eliminate porn from their lives.  While here I encourage you to do the following:
  • Start a journal and write when you can (your already on your way!)
  • Read as much as you can, things on porn addiction as well as other journals
  • Respond to journals as you would be amazed the impact you can have on others

Feel free to ask if you have any questions. We are here to be supportive and helpful.